The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, after months of speculation and leaks, was finally announced. And yes, it looks good. Yes, the cameras are super amazing. Yes, it is easily the best phone all round right now. And yes, that 3300mAh battery is really disappointing. But, it is also the most expensive Galaxy to date and people aren’t liking that.

Are you getting the right value for price? That’s the question. Unbox Therapy already said you shouldn’t buy it. As have some other reviewers.

Most people are arguing that the device is over-priced. And that one can get better value for money with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus whose major differences with the Note 8 are:

  • Note 8 has a 6.3 inch screen while S8 Plus has a 6.2 inch
  • Note 8 has the S-Pen (and its features) while S8 Plus doesn’t
  • S8 Plus has 3500mAh battery while Note 8 has 3300mAh
  • Note 8 has 6GB RAM while S8 Plus has 4GB RAM

What are your thoughts?

I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and absolutely loved it. The battery life was amazing. The cameras were dope. It was all round perfect, apart from being too slippery and fragile.

Galaxy Note 8 with Galaxy S8
Courtesy: Android Authority

I am sure the Note 8 builds on the good thing about the S8 Plus. And I would totally buy one if I had 100k: The S-Pen, the software customisations for the Note series. The dual camera setup! 

AndroidKenya have a good post here as to why Samsung are sure you’ll get their device even at that price. Do you think the phone is worth it? I’m pretty sure I would buy one myself if I had that 100k.


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