Airtel Kenya’s new 1GB Bundle at Ksh. 99 and 2GB at Ksh. 250


I have literally had to look for my Airtel SIM card for about 30 mins to write this post. I thew it away months ago when this happened back in March. I don’t know if things have changed though with customer care.

What I know however, is that Airtel is working on 4G finally.

Anyway, yes you can now get 1GB from Airtel for only Ksh. 99. That’s daily. So it, expectedly, expires after 24hrs.

But you can also get 2GB at Ksh. 250 for 7 days and 1GB at Ksh. 300 for 30 days. Here’s the breakdown:

Airtel Amazing Bundles

This is a really good deal. Given that on Safaricom Ksh. 99 gives you 200MB. And to get 3GB you need Ksh. 1000.

For the last many months, since Telkom’s relaunch, I’ve been enjoying free 1GB daily from them. It seems that this has impacted a lot in Airtel’s new bundles. What I know is that Telkom’s rise has really affected Airtel Kenya. With bundles as cheap as 12GB for Ksh. 990, who won’t switch to Telkom?

Anyway, let’s see how these new data wars shape up. I’m sure Safaricom will have to respond. Sooner or later.

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