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Using ONLY the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for Vlogging

Creating good quality content can be challenging. But phone cameras are getting better.

One thing I’ve always wanted is a way to shoot good videos. The challenge with that is you need a lot. You need a camera, rigs, stabilisers, lenses, tripods, etc. Things I may not even know where to get.

If you’ve ever seen a behind the scenes “Shot on…” commercial, you know that they employ a lot of technology to make the videos really amazing.

I didn’t have all that with the Galaxy Note 8. I used just a selfie stick (for a few seconds) and the rest was hand-held.

The stabilisation is really good. The camera quickly adjusts for best lighting, for good focus, and the zoom is also really awesome. So I guess, you don’t need a lot of extra baggage when you want to make good videos, this phone can do all that hand-held.

Here’s the video:

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