‘YouTube Go’ data friendly app that allows offline viewing and sharing launched in Kenya

You definitely watch a lot of YouTube if this article really interests you. WiFi coverage in Kenya isn’t as wide as it is in many developed nations, plus data prices aren’t that pocket friendly, unless you’re thinking of the latest mobile network provider in Kenya.

Anyway, Android Go has been announced recently for low-end smartphones. Android Go essentially gives a good experience to smartphone users whose devices are limited in RAM and Storage. And some of the Apps announced with Android Go include Files Go, Gmail Go, Google Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go, Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube Go. These apps make your device smoother by not demanding a lot of resources.

But YouTube Go has been available in beta in many countries and isn’t only targeted at making your phone smoother, but also at saving you data.

Save Offline:

YouTube Go works like the normal YouTube app. Except that you sign in with your phone number and a special code sent via text. But when you select a video to play, it’ll ask you whether instead you want to save the video offline.

You can save the video in Basic, Standard or High Quality. But the saving feature isn’t available for all videos unless uploader allows.

Share videos with friends:

The best thing for many is that after saving the video on your device, you can share it with friends via bluetooth.

Your friends need to have the app installed to receive. But you’ll need at least 15kb of internet for this sharing process since Google performs a security check whenever you share videos with friends.

Also, not all videos you download can be shared with friends. For example, I get a notification when I try to share “Marvel Avengers Infinity War Trailer” telling me the particular video can’t be shared.

My other issue is that the app doesn’t consider your usual YouTube history to recommend the videos you get recommended on the usual YouTube app. But this is something I’m sure will change soon.

Check out YouTube Go on Google Play Store.

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