OPPO went all in this year with their camera phones. And their latest, the OPPO F5 promises Artificially Intelligent selfies. But Infinix continued with their trend of high end specs for the lower markets with their latest flagship, the Infinix Zero 5.

We have proof that people love the 18:9 aspect ratio so it is a shame Infinix didn’t do that with their latest device when that has been the trend of 2017. OPPO on the other hand decided to bring that trend to the mid-range market.

Here are the differences between the OPPO F5 and the Infinix Zero 5


Of course between the two, the OPPO F5’s display would stand out. This is a given. Even OnePlus the company decided to update their OnePlus 5 to the OnePlus 5T making their screen taller and embracing the new 18:9 aspect ratio standard.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro
Infinix Zero 5


The OPPO F5 boasts of a 20MP front camera that supports face unlock. It also boasts of a 16MP single rear camera. On the other hand the Infinix Zero 5 has dual camera system at the back. The dual system means portrait mode is supported on the Zero 5. The front 16MP front camera also has the ability to blur the background when taking pictures.

Processor and RAM:

Here there’s a big difference. The Infinix Zero 5 has 6GB RAM and the newer Helio P25 processor while the OPPO F5 has 4GB RAM and the older P23. Meaning you are assured of better performance on the Infinix Zero 5.


The Infinix Zero 5 comes with either 128GB storage for the PRO version or 64GB for the normal version. OPPO F5 comes with a standard 32GB of internal storage.


The Infinix Zero 5 wins here hands-down with a massive 4350mAh battery compared to the 3200mAh battery on the OPPO F5.


You can pick up the OPPO F5 starting at Ksh. 32,000 while the Infinix Zero 5 starts at Ksh. 30,000 for the 128GB version and Ksh. 26,000 for the 64GB Version.

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