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What’s the difference between the TECNO Phantom 8 and the OPPO F5?

Both OPPO and TECNO are big brands with visibility across the globe. And as such both really compete for their customers.

Recently both companies have announced new devices for the Kenyan market. With the OPPO announcing the F5 and TECNO launching their flagship, the Phantom 8.

These two phones being almost similarly priced can cause a dilemma to buyers interested in either of the two. But hopefully this post will be of help to all of you torn between the two devices.

Here are the differences between the TECNO Phantom 8 and the OPPO F5:


Going with the tall 18:9 aspect ratio was OPPO’s best decision for this device. And with that, of course between the two, the OPPO F5’s display would stand out. This is a given. Even OnePlus the company decided to update their OnePlus 5 to the OnePlus 5T making their screen taller and embracing the new 18:9 aspect ratio standard.



The TECNO Phantom 8 has dual 12+13MP back cameras meaning portrait mode is supported on the device. The OPPO F5 has a single 16MP back camera but boasts of a 20MP front camera that supports face unlock. Meanwhile the Phantom 8 also has a 20MP front camera but with dual LED flash for selfies even in low light.

Processor and RAM:

The Phantom 8 has more RAM and a newer, better processor so performance is guaranteed to be much better on it than on the OPPO F5.


The Phantom 8 has 64GB internal storage compared to OPPO F5’s 32GB. Both support Micro-SD card expansion so you’re sorted in that department.


The Phantom 8 has a 3500mAh battery while the OPPO F5 has a 3200mAh battery. It is hard to know which of the two has better battery life but it seems the Phantom 8 would have better battery since the display is a little smaller and battery a little bigger.


The OPPO F5 starts at Ksh. 32,000 while the Phantom 8 starts at Ksh. 34,000.



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