Tips to recover deleted files in case of hard drive failure

Every day hundreds and thousands of people complain that something happened to their laptop making them not access their important files. They think that all the files have been lost but in reality, there is still something that can be done to recover deleted files. Here are a few tips that might help you out.

Causes of hard drive failure

Before we can discuss the use of a data recovery software, it is important that you understand what can cause the data loss. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes in future:


You might have clicked on a fake link or inserted a pen drive into your laptop without running the Antivirus scan. The results are now your laptop is not working or you cannot access your hard drive.

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Laptop is broken

You were sitting on the balcony and your laptop fell or a kid threw it thinking that it is a toy. It may all have happened because of your carelessness.


Workaholic individuals often suffer from this issue. They like to work and eat at the same time, the results are they end up either spilling coffee or water on their laptop.

Tips to recover deleted files for Window users

We all know that there is a solution to every problem. Here is how you can recover the files from your hard drive.

Use external device

In case that your laptop is not working the simplest way is to connect it to an external device. Take out the hard drive and using a compatible cable connect it to another device. Open Explorer/File Manager and select your hard drive to copy and paste files.

Free data recovery software

In case your laptop is still usable, a reliable solution would be using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.
• Download and install the software on your computer
• Access the software and launch the hard drive
• Scan the system and select the files that you want to be recovered.
• Save your files to another destination

Bootable disc

A bootable disc can help you recover deleted files. All you need to do is load the bootable disc with the version of Windows that you are using. Boot your system using the disc and all the important files will be recovered.

Tips for Mac users

If you are a Mac user, you have to assure that you connect your nonworking Mac computer to a working Mac device because only then you will be able to copy the files. In case your mac is working you can use this free data recovery software to recover deleted files

In case you are looking for other options to safely recover deleted files, we recommend you to try Remo Recover for both Windows and Mac. Remo Data Recovery Software supports data recovery from any storage devices any more than 300 file types. You can try the tool for free and preview the recovered files as well. If you are looking for a tool that is simple and easy to use and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket then Remo Recover is the product you should definitely checkout. 

Final Word

It is important that you take care of your hard drive and laptop because a single mistake can ruin all the hard work you have done with your files. In order to recover deleted files, you can use any of the above-mentioned techniques. Technology has made it possible to recover your data even when your hard drive has been damaged.


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