Fingers-crossed this leaked image isn’t the OnePlus 6 because it looks hideous!

So this has been all over the internet. The OnePlus 6 is yet to be announced but supposed leaks are already coming out. And I hate what I am seeing. Because to be honest, the re-design (as shown in the images) paint a really ugly phone.

I understand that the iPhone X is a big thing. But not everyone wants a notch. Not everyone is ASUS with their blatant bragging of having a smaller notch. Above all, the uniqueness of the OnePlus brand shouldn’t be messed up in the quest to be mainstream.

This is ugly. And I hope some people invented this scam to fool us.

The front:

The front isn’t really that ugly. Yes, the bezels are much smaller, and that’s beautiful. But I hate that notch. The notch houses the front camera and some of the usual sensors. It isn’t clear if there are extra sensors for OnePlus’ Face Unlock.

Fingers-crossed this is just a clone.

I’m pretty sure bezels can be trimmed without having notches and camera cut-outs. Like we’ve seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Google Pixel and other phones.

The back:

This is the ugliest bit of the device. Is that a glossy glass finish? Why? Dash charging is better than Wireless charging. So why?

Why is camera setup vertical? Isn’t it working properly as it is on the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T?

Why is the fingerprint scanner oval? I think that’s the single most ugly part of the device.

If this is really the next OnePlus device, then I really don’t think I feel like upgrading from my OnePlus 5.

Then again, I am reminded of the time the OnePlus 5 leaked and we thought it looked like the iPhone. So hoping, if this is the real deal, after announcement we’ll get to see it in another light, and being better looking than right now.

What are your thoughts on these images? Is this something you’d want as the OnePlus 6?

The expected specs of the device are 6GB or 8GB RAM with 64GB or 128GB storage, Snapdragon 845 processor, running Android 8.1 Oreo.

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  1. Bro that phone looks stunning… how can you say it is ugly? If the rumors are true, then i must admit, that’s the best design I’ve seen from OnePlus so far.

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