Changing the launcher on your OPPO Smartphone

It is funny whenever a friend of mine has an OPPO phone, you’ll find they’re using the default OPPO launcher. I hadn’t used an OPPO phone before the OPPO Find X which I am currently reviewing, but I knew I already disliked ColorOS from online reviews. Actually what had triggered this post is a video I watched yesterday by UrAvgConsumer where he gets shocked that ColorOS on the Find X doesn’t show screen on time, and can’t allow him to change his default launcher or easily change wallpapers.


ColorOS has a lot of bad things going on: there’s no app drawer, some common shortcuts are missing, you can’t delete certain apps, and much more. But it has certain functionalities baked in that are good. Like its gesture navigation system is really good.

Whenever I am reviewing a phone, rarely do I stick to its default launcher. This has only happened with the OnePlus and with Android One devices. Somewhat a few weeks ago it happened with the first Xiaomi device I used. I found MiUI pretty interesting.

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When I first unboxed and started using the Find X, after installing Rootless Pixel Launcher (which is now my favourite launcher – used to be Nova Launcher), I realised upon pressing home there was no prompt for setting a default launcher meaning I was going back to OPPO’s default system launcher. But I went to settings, searched for defaults and changed my default launcher.

It never occured to me that this could be a feature someone is looking for. So to change your launcher on an OPPO device, first install it on your phone. Then:


  • Settings
  • App Management
  • Default App Management
  • Homescreen
  • and select the app you want as the default launcher.

OPPO ColorOS Changing Launcher

It is annoying that something that’s usually as simple as installing and pressing home, is now 4 steps.Yeah that’s OPPO for you.

But must be a relief to people who’ve been struggling with their default launchers. Try the Rootless Pixel Launcher that’s available on Google Play Store. I love it. Ask me any tips about ColorOS down below.

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