Facebook wants to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

Apparently, Facebook believes it will be a good idea to breakdown the well defined, and, really, very important boundaries between its social media platforms so that an Instagram user would be able to chat with someone directly on WhatsApp, or a Messenger user will be able to send a message to someone’s WhatsApp.

Everything will remain independent, as different apps on your phone, but they will all share a common messaging base, which will be end-to-end encrypted according to the reports. W

But this is all crazy, and is totally not what millions of us signed up for.

First of all, for the billions of us who use WhatsApp, it has always been this private platform for conversations with family and friends. And it has always been a platform that is big on privacy. Any changes to that will not only change how people view the platform, it will most definitely make many people opt for other chat solutions.

It seems Facebook has not found any ways to monetise a platform they acquired for over $19 Billion, a platform we are already promised will always be free and end-to-end encrypted, and are looking for ways to gather more data to be used to make money.

Secondly, Facebook has been marred controversy over the last few years because of how badly they’ve handled users’ privacy. From Cambridge Analytica, to security breaches and much more. How stupid should people be to believe an integration of Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp is a good thing?

Facebook probably believes most of its users will never care about such changes. Since they will only notice them once rolled out, Facebook, I believe, is betting most will keep using their services. But it is high time people look for alternative platforms. The giant thinks they’re too big to fall.


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