Here’s Samsung’s 7 New Smartphones for the Kenyan Market

A couple of days ago, Samsung announced the Galaxy A30 and A50 had started selling in Kenya. What amazed most of us were the prices set for the devices given their really good specifications. Yesterday, in line with Samsung’s promise to bring their A-series to Kenya, Samsung announced a full set of seven A-series phones for the Kenyan market, plus their prices.

Only the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 are yet to be available in the market, but Samsung said the A70 will be available before end of April, while the A80 will launch in May.

These seven new phones are divided into two tiers:

  • Value drivers
  • Performance and Innovation drivers

Samsung said the new series are driven by customer feedback and demand. For long this company has failed to offer very nice budget phones with good specs to compete with the devices offered by Transsion and other Chinese companies. That led to them losing market share, and this new launch is their first push in reclaiming their position. The thing is, this new push is really good.

Samsung A-series 2019 Kenya Lineup

Value Drivers:

Though all devices across the board are very good value-for-money, Samsung is touting the following as being their value driven line. They compete directly with all Transsion phones, and are made to specifically help the company regain market share.

  • Samsung Galaxy A2 CoreKsh. 8,100 with 1GB RAM, 16GB storage. It is an Android Go smartphone. Check out its specs here.

Samsung-Galaxy A2 Core Kenya

  • Samsung Galaxy A10Ksh. 11,999 with 2GB RAM, 32GB storage. It will definitely be one device you’ll find with many people across the country. Check out its specs here.
  • Samsung Galaxy A20Ksh. 16,499. This is my favourite in the line. Why? Affordable yes. Big battery. Big AMOLED display. USB type-C. 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and much more. I have it already, read my first impressions here.
Samsung Galaxy A20 Kenya
Galaxy A20
  • Samsung Galaxy A30Ksh. 22,499. This one is another I really want to have. It is at a very nice position to undercut all premium Transsion devices, and directly compete with Huawei’s Y9. Check out its specs here.

Samsung to bring new A-series smartphones to Kenya in April

Performance and Innovation Drivers:

These are for everyone who loves premium flagship specs, but cannot get the S or Note series. And in some ways, they’re better value for money than the flagships would be.

  • Samsung Galaxy A50Ksh. 30,499. Competes directly with Huawei P30 Lite, with Pocophone, and with a couple of Nokias. It is something to consider given the under-the-display fingerprint scanner, and huge battery, plus AMOLED display. Check out its specs here.
Samsung to bring new A-series smartphones to Kenya in April
  • Samsung Galaxy A70Ksh. 38,999. This was just announced and will be available in Kenya before end of April. It competes with the likes of the Noka 8.1 and other 30-60k smartphones. Check out its specs here.
Samsung Galaxy A70 Full Specifications and Price in Kenya
  • Samsung Galaxy A80Ksh. 64,999. This is the company’s first very unique approach to making what they call Full Infinity devices. It has a motorised pop-up camera with a super triple camera setup that’s used for both normal and selfie shots. It is so good, it’s crazy. Check out its specs here.
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A80

So ummm, basically Samsung is back. And I cannot wait to see what Transsion do with their TECNO and Infinix line or how Huawei responds because they’ve been very actively trying to gain market share with their Y-series.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s new approach. Do you think they stand to take over the market again? Which phone will you be getting?


  1. I’d go with the A50.
    I would like to see how the under the screen finger print scanner works.
    And we all know Samsung has great cameras.

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