Deezer for Android latest update brings full Dark Mode

If you’re a fan of “dark mode everything”, and you use Deezer Music, then you’ll be excited about the new dark mode on Deezer.

It is a true DARK interface on the Home Screen, Playlist area and all other sections except for the dock, and the player area where it becomes sort of a monochrome dark color.

People with OLED devices will particularly enjoy the update. Especially with the way important colours now stand out: for example the music cover art, the heart buttons, and the markers for new or old songs in a playlist.

Here is the app in normal white mode:

Here’s after you switch to dark mode:

What are your thoughts? I would like to see an update that allows me to continue liking new music though. I don’t understand why there’s a 2000 song likes limit even for paying users.

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