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This is the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 and NOTE 10+

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Samsung will be unveiling their new flagship on August 7th. But with numerous leaks, we already know what the phones will look like. This year, the NOTE series is getting two variants: a NOTE 10, and a NOTE 10+. This is the first time we are seeing two variants I believe since back when they unveiled the NOTE Edge.

The difference between the NOTE 10 and the NOTE 10+ is going to be in display size, battery size, and on certain features – perhaps 5G connectivity, Micro-SD Card slot, and a couple of other things we may not know now.

This is a big design change. With the new greatly reduced bezels, Samsung has really pushed the limits of design to get to this look. Hopefully the tiny bezels won’t hinder proper interaction with the phone.

The NOTE 10 will feature a 6.3 inch display while the NOTE 10+ will have a huge 6.9 inch display. Though rumors suggest the NOTE 10+ will bear the same footprint as the NOTE 9 because of the greatly reduced bezels. Here’s the two devices side by side from @UniverseIce:

This shows that the normal NOTE 10 may turn out to be quite a small phone.

This is the NOTE 10.

Using the image comparison above, it probably makes sense to imagine that this phone packs a 3600mAh battery.


Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Kenya
Infinity-O dynamic AMOLED display expected with Gorilla Glass 6 Protection


Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Kenya
Different color variants will be confirmed on launch.

These are the expected specs of the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.

Something that is definitely funny is that both devices won’t have a headphone jack! Yep. Samsung is joining the team it laughed at not so long ago.

Both devices will have three rear cameras — standard (12MP), ultra-wide (16MP), and telephoto (12MP). The main 12MP lens will be able to switch between three aperture sizes: f/1.5, f/1.8, or f/2.4.

This is the NOTE 10+

This could be Samsung’s most premium device of 2019. It is expected to pack a 4300mAh battery. Both the NOTE 10 and 10+ will support 45W fast wired charging, and 20W fast wireless charging. Wirelessly sharing power will now be up to 15W.


According to @onleaks, the NOTE 10+ will have an extra DepthVision ToF sensor to complement the three lenses that will be the same on both NOTE 10 and NOTE 10+.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10+ PLUS Kenya
Extra ToF Sensor, plus that looks like extra LED flash


“Air Gestures” will be a new way to interact with the phone using the S-PEN. The stylus will be detected while hovering over the screen of the phone apparently, and one will be able to control and navigate the phone without touching the screen.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10+ PLUS Kenya
Not sure if the blue S-Pen will be for the NOTE 10+ or all variants.

Back and Front:

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10+ Kenya

These are the expected specs of the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10+

It is about two weeks to the expected official launch, so let’s wait and see what Samsung will be bringing just a few months before Apple’s 2019 refresh and the expected Huawei MATE 30 PRO.

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