Little launches “Longhaul” long distance travel shuttles

Little has announced Little Longhaul shuttles that will cover long distances. The first route will be Nairobi to Nakuru daily, and there’s an offer giving people free rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Little will announce more routes in future. And perhaps if this works, they’ll fully compete with buses and matatus.

I’ve checked the app and the route is already available. However, there’s no way to know the pricing yet, because tomorrow’s Friday, and charges are zero.

There’s different times for the buses with different pickup and drop off points. So one can use the route to drop off at Limuru, Naivasha, etc. if traveling from Nairobi. And vice versa.


Trip will cost KES. 400.

This is a good idea for people who frequently go for such long trips. And in the case of Nairobi-Nakuru it’ll be a good thing since it isn’t a route you’ll easily find such a very organized bus service. If it’ll work is another case altogether.

For longer commutes say Nairobi-Eldoret, this probably won’t work as such routes have proper buses, and matatu services. But this is Kenya, and many things can work if well thought out, and more importantly if well priced.

My major question, and concern is what this means for Little. Are they aiming now to become a proper transport company that’ll do long distance travels? And if so, how will bus companies, and matatus take this?

Update: a previous version of this article said Little was Safaricom backed. It isn’t. That was a marketing partnership.

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