WhatsApp may ban you from the platform permanently if you’re part of a group with a suspicious name. The ban is permanent and will include everyone in the group including the Group Admins.

Some Reddit users are reporting that they’ve experienced this ban when someone jokingly re-named their WhatsApp group to something illegal. When this came to their attention, they contacted support, only to receive automated responses.

However, in an edit, the users claims they got back their accounts after 7 days, and 27 days respectively of trying to contact support.

WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted chat platform, so you may ask, how would they ban a group? Well, the company cannot read the content of your messages, that’s a fact. But they can read the metadata including Group Name, when it was created, and the description of the group. With such information, if they find something illegal, or suspicious, the group, and all its users may be banned from the platform.

In Brazil, the company in 2018 banned over 100,000 accounts that were spreading spam, and fake news during the election period. Being an encrypted chat app, it is impossible to know what people are saying, but the company said then to Bloomberg that with their cutting edge technology they could identify spam, and suspicious account activity.

From the thread, even a quick renaming of a Group to something illegal may completely kick you out of the platform. So take measures if you’re part of a large group where someone may try something stupid. Such measures include restricting Group Info to only be edited by Admins.

WhatsApp has in the recent past introduced a couple of measures to fight fake information from spreading, and give users a good time on the platform including: Restricting how many times a message may be forwarded, to giving users power over being added to groups without permission.



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