Samsung Galaxy FOLD in Kenya: What to know, and how to get it

Last week, we got wind that Samsung East Africa would be bringing the luxurious Galaxy FOLD to the Kenyan market. Well, it is now official. The phone will be available in Kenya starting November 21st 2019. This we know through an official email from the company.

In last week’s post I said:

Of course, the Galaxy FOLD isn’t a phone anyone should definitely buy. Samsung knows that. Everyone knows that. It is a first generation product. It had serious flaws when it was first announced, and Samsung had to delay launch, and recall review units so as to fix everything. Now, it is out and available for anyone to buy. But everyone reviewing it has talked about just how fragile it is. They all, however, also agree that it is a pretty darn good device. This is a phone for the enthusiasts (At least them who have money).

This is a first gen product that’s fragile, and very expensive. It costs $1980, and we expect that to translate to over KES. 250,000. This post will be updated once we know official pricing. As such, Samsung is doing the Galaxy FOLD sale very differently from every other phones they’ve brought to the market.

How to buy:

  1. The Phone won’t be available on sale in retail stores. So you won’t be able to walk into a Samsung Shop and buy it.
  2. You will only be able to get the device by pre-ordering. That is by placing an order with Samsung. Thereafter it’ll be availed to you.

It makes sense to sell the device this way. Because the company doesn’t want to bring in even 5 of them and end up selling none.

In the US, and in Europe, Samsung says these pre-orders have been selling out through and through. I don’t know what response they’ll be getting in Kenya, though I hope it is a positive one given this is a device that is of its own category.

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