Escobar’s New Scam is a Badly Re-branded Samsung Galaxy FOLD

If you have money to waste on a scam, one of most exciting ones currently unfolding on the internet concerns foldable phones. Back in December, we published news on the Escobar Fold 1 a $349 folding phone from Pablo Escobar’s brother’s company.

The device they were launching looked eerily similar to the Royale Flexpai. It is yet to ship many weeks down the line. Which means there’s probably a good number of people who’ve lost their money. But here we are with an all new Escobar Fold 2 – that’s basically the Galaxy FOLD with some gold colors and bad inscriptions.

The rebranding isn’t even the weird bit. Neither are the NSFW promo videos. Nope. The weirdest part is that there’s a whole video titled ‘RIP Samsung‘ that features a model destroying a real Galaxy FOLD.

They’re destroying the same phone they are reselling as their own device! Is this some weird art performance? Aren’t their any legal implications?

I wonder why the Galaxy J2 announced in 2015 is also destroyed in the video. LOL. Also, aren’t the fumes from the battery poisonous?

Even if this whole charade were to be believable, how are they getting a device that costs $2000 and re-selling it for just $399?

Well, here what the company says in an official press release:

The Escobar Fold 2 smartphone was designed in USA and is being assembled in Hong Kong. Some of the parts have been sourced from Shenzhen, China. The Escobar Fold 2 is featuring unique technology and design. “My goal is to become the overstock kingpin of electronical devices this year. All these factories simply have too much technology laying around, nobody is buying anything in China from secondary factories. We cut the prices and give clients direct discounts under the Escobar brand umbrella.” says Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, Pablo Escobar’s brother and Founder of Escobar Inc. The initial production run is limited to 200,000 phones and is expected to sell out fast.

The unfortunate (or funny) thing – depending on how you see this, is that there’s people who’ll probably fall for these scams. There’s sane people who will actually make orders for these devices.

And what’s to stop them? This time Escobar Inc even has celebrities endorsing the product. One of them is even US President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. It’s a weird world.

I wonder if there’ll be an Escobar 3 anytime soon. Perhaps they’ll buy the remaining foldable that’s available – the Huawei MATE X – for another of these performances.


  1. Rebranding, and not only that you can amazing(and legit) androids(pixel 3 and 3a) refurbished and refreshed phones new and used all over amazon.
    They do have a point about one thing: Samsong phones being 2k…when they still make bank at 400 is a rip off. Chinese market centric phone companies(Nokia, Xiami, Unihertz) have to charge a lot less there(99k options) plus they generally don’t or aren’t allowed to also hike up costs on week patent and design clames (has any phone really had a tm worth design in 10 years? not many if any)
    On the other hand them ripping people off…isn’t ok either. Might also want to check the IMEI and Electric Sim status (if it was stolen or not)

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