Sunday, January 23, 2022

Even a year later, nothing can replace Google’s Inbox by Gmail!

Everyday there’s one thing I have to do that I hate doing: checking emails. I hate the red colors on Gmail. I hate the way things are just thrown everywhere on your face. I hate switching tabs to check updates, or socials. I hate looking for emails from forums. I hate the stupid dark mode that’s basically grey mode on Android. I just completely hate my email experience. Yet everyday I receive well over 35 emails, and since it’s part of my job, I have no choice but to open Gmail every freaking day. Argh!

Between 2014 and early last year, I didn’t see emails as a chore. The process was easy, and simple, and my inbox was almost always empty. All I needed was a few minutes and everything would be done for the day.

The app I used was great, and worked exactly the same on all platforms. Colors were amazing, arrangement was fantastic, and everything about email was fun. I knew which emails I had checked, and I knew what was coming up, what had yet to be responded to, and what I needed to ignore. I believe I was more productive then.

Then Google out of nowhere decided to kill off the app for absolutely no reason, offering no explanation whatsoever, and doing nothing at all to make the normal Gmail even half as fun.

I’ve tried a couple of clients since Inbox was killed off, and nothing feels the same. Nothing even comes close. It’s annoying that millions of us invested so much time on an app and Google just killed it and forced us back to the absolute ridiculous mess that is Gmail.

My Gmail has thousands of emails on every tab I click. I don’t even know why they’re there. Why can’t I mark them as done, in a bundle? Why are there no proper bundles? Why can’t low priority emails just be somewhere below every other email? Why can’t there be a proper chronological arrangement to things like it was with Inbox? Why can’t I easily pin stuff? Why is everything jumbled up?

I don’t think Google ever plans on bringing back Inbox. Once they kill apps, that’s it. And I hate whoever made the decision to kill off Inbox. Still, I swear I’d be so happy if they for some reason brought it back. I miss having an organised life. Normal Gmail sucks.



  1. I relate 1000%. I loved inbox. Recently I found an android app that might soothe the wound. Spark could possibly be your solution.

  2. I feel your pain. Moreover the google drive layout is just as messy for me: am trying out microsoft’s onedrive. Suggestions/alternatives welcome.

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