Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip actually has a thin layer of glass on the folding display

The most exciting phone on the planet right now is Samsung’s foldable 2: Galaxy Flip Z. I got to hung around with it after its announcement, and you can read my initial thoughts here.

Unlike with the original FOLD, which had to be recalled, the Galaxy Z Flip has had a pretty positive reception. However, there has been some controversy lately on Samsung’s claim about the phone having a glass display. This came after JerryRigEverything’s durability test video revealed that the top of the display was just normal plastic.

During launch, Samsung boasted about breaking the laws of physics with bendable glass. In my first impressions of the device, having touched and used the phone for a while, I said we shouldn’t trust marketing BS, because they’d say anything to sell. I like that Samsung Kenya put it differently on the launch, they said “reinforced with glass” not just pure glass.

Well, JerryRigEverything’s latest video confirms that the display actually has a thin layer of glass. It isn’t literally bending the laws of physics as per Samsung’s first claims, but it is pretty impressive. We can expect pretty revolutionary foldables in the future.

The thin layer of glass exists right below the plastic “protection”. This protection seems to be the actual display though, because like with the original FOLD, when it is taken off, the screen dies. It is unclear what the glass does, apart from obviously reinforcing the plastic display.

Watch the video to see just how exciting the Galaxy Z Flip actually is. This is one beautifully made phone.

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