WhatsApp Dark Mode now available for everyone

WhatsApp has finally brought dark mode out of beta. It is now available for everyone. This is after months of hacks, betas, updates and a lot more. They have a pretty funny/relatable video to explain the benefits of dark mode which you can watch here:

People with iOS 13, and Android 10 will automatically have dark mode sync with the device’s theme. So if you’re already in dark mode, your WhatsApp will shift. If you’re in light mode, it will shift. Users with Android 9 can change the look under the settings menu.

The thing that’s weird is this: on iOS, users will get the full pitch-black background treatment. On Android, it will only be kinda dark grey. Compare the images below to see the difference:


WhatsApp Dark Mode now available for everyone


WhatsApp Dark Mode now available for everyone

For whatever reason Facebook thinks this is cool, I don’t know. I know many Android phones have OLED displays, and I know there are many iPhones without OLED displays. So this makes no sense, even if for easier readability and eye fatigue consciousness. I hope there’ll be an option to choose between dark grey and fully black, like lights out mode on Twitter.

In dark mode, the phone brightness will also decrease a little. Although Facebook thinks this is cool, it will be annoying to people who just run on dark mode all day.

Anyway, update your apps and share your thoughts.

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