What is SC Juza, and Why Should You Care?

Standard Chartered Bank recently unveiled its new mobile lending app, SC Juza, in Kenya. This innovative platform is designed to provide short-term, unsecured loans directly through mobile wallets, marking a significant stride in the bank’s digital transformation journey. Here’s an in-depth look at this new offering and its potential impact on the financial landscape in Kenya.

What is SC Juza

SC Juza is a fully digital lending service that allows Standard Chartered’s clients to borrow amounts ranging from KES 1,000 to KES 100,000 directly on their mobile phones. The app is tailored to meet the growing demand for quick financial solutions, providing loans with a two-month repayment period. What sets SC Juza apart is its unique interest model, where interest is charged only for the days the loan is active, allowing customers to save on costs through early repayments.

Key Features of SC Juza

  1. Loan Accessibility and Amounts: Clients can access loans starting as low as KES 1,000 up to KES 100,000, catering to a wide range of financial needs from minor emergencies to significant expenditures.
  2. Repayment and Interest Structure: The repayment tenure for loans is 60 days (approximately two months). Interest is calculated daily, promoting transparency and fairness, and encouraging borrowers to repay earlier if possible. The interest rate stands at 1.6% per month.
  3. Digital Application Process: The application process is entirely digital, reflecting Standard Chartered’s commitment to digitization. Borrowers can apply and receive loans swiftly without the need for physical paperwork, directly into their mobile wallets.
  4. Eligibility and Security: To qualify for a loan, users must exhibit a solid track record of loan repayments and be subscribers to M-PESA for at least six months. SC Juza incorporates advanced security features, including SIM swap detection, identity verification through Kenya’s Integrated Population Registration Services, and checks with Credit Reference Bureaus to mitigate the risk of fraud.
  5. Transparent Fee Structure: The app charges a processing fee of 5.5%. For instance, a loan of KES 1,000 will attract a fee of KES 55. This fee structure is disclosed upfront in the app, ensuring that users are fully aware of all costs associated with their loans.

Broader Impact and Strategic Importance

The launch of SC Juza is part of Standard Chartered’s broader strategy to expand its digital footprint and cater to the increasingly tech-savvy population in Kenya. With a significant portion of the bank’s client base now engaging digitally, services like SC Juza are critical in harnessing the full potential of mobile technology to improve financial inclusivity.

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What is SC Juza, and Why Should You Care?

In addition to providing financial services, SC Juza aims to empower clients by allowing them to borrow “with dignity,” as stated by Kariuki Ngari, MD & Chief Executive Officer, Kenya and Africa for Standard Chartered. This approach aligns with the bank’s ambition to uplift participation in the financial ecosystem for the underserved populations, promoting not just financial mobility but also long-term economic stability.


SC Juza represents a significant advancement in mobile lending, illustrating how traditional banks can innovate to meet changing consumer needs. As Standard Chartered continues to invest in digital solutions like SC Juza, it sets a benchmark for the banking industry in Africa, showcasing the potential for digital platforms to transform personal finance management and enhance access to banking services.

With its strategic launch of SC Juza, Standard Chartered not only reinforces its position as a leader in digital banking but also contributes significantly to the broader agenda of financial inclusion in Kenya.


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