Top Online Materials to Use for Microsoft Exam 70-761

Getting ready for Microsoft Exam 70-761? Continue scrolling and you’ll find yourself more than ready to take your certification exam. This blog will open up your understanding in data query language via SQL 2016. So, without any delay, let’s start discussing the basics of this particular Microsoft validation.

Exam 70-761 as one of the compulsory exams for an MCSA certification

Exam Dumps is a key component in earning your MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development credential. This specific exam is meant for candidates with substantial experience in database administration such as system engineers, BI professionals, database developers, and database admins. Their background should include working knowledge in writing basic and complex SQL 2016 queries. And ideally, this experience should be at least 2 years or more so that it will be much easier when you prep for the test.

All the best materials to utilize for the exam

As you start your certification path, it’s vital that you gather all the right resources for the exam. This will ultimately help you in having a higher exam rate.

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  1. Exam ref material

Exam Ref 70-761 is such a great material to commence your exam preparation. This organizes the exam topics strategically through point-by-point coverage. Plus, it includes some realistic scenarios to assess how far you have understood the exam objectives. And if you opt for the eBook, you can take advantage of its downloadable database sample as well as some SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL codes. But if you’re an old-school, don’t worry because Microsoft Press Store also provides a hard copy option of this material―and even a physical and eBook bundle at a cheaper price!

  • Online training

Moving forward, there’s the online training course for querying data with T-SQL, which is offered by Microsoft’s partner company, edX. This material gives you an all-inclusive elaboration of the topics through multiple modules. Explore each module to deepen your expertise in dealing with SQL databases, from creating SELECT statements to incorporating transaction logic. Also in this course, you’ll find a sample database that you can maximize to put your knowledge into action.

  • Comprehensive classroom course

With a chief purpose of giving candidates an in-depth grasp of Transact-SQL language, this course is highly recommended for those who want a step-by-step guide in understanding exam 70-761. The training requires 5 full days, with the first 3 days dedicated to the SQL Server syllabus and the last 2 days for the practical skills needed in the exam. Once you complete this 5-day course, you’ll be more adept in dealing with various SQL Server disciplines such as business intelligence, database development, and database administration.

  • Practice test

For you to check on your practical abilities in writing Transact-SQL SELECT queries, you can have the official practice test for exam 70-761. Containing 153 questions with detailed answers, this online exam also evaluates your skills in working with subqueries, modifying data, dealing with error handling, managing set operators, and other related SLQ 2016 tasks. Likewise, this mock test takes references from notable media sources like Microsoft TechNet, MSDN, and of course, Microsoft’s official website. The practice test is available in different languages for your convenience.

  • Exam dumps

To further exercise your practical familiarity, answer the exam dumps offered by PrepAway.biz. This excellent site offers you two options, either free ETE files or the paid premium bundle. Their free exam dumps are already impressive―much more their premium file from their premium bundle that comes with 205 questions with meticulous explanations. In addition, the bundle provides you with 66 training lectures and 1153 study guide pages. So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect performance-based simulation for exam 70-761, give PrepAway.biz a try and you’ll enjoy an interactive exam experience that is quite similar to the real certification exam.

  • Free videos

There are other ways to reinforce your understanding of the exam objectives, and these include watching training videos online. And if you’re looking for some free videos of Transact-SQL, there’s YouTube. This game-changing platform allows you to expand your flair in imperative Transact-SQL features like expressions, subqueries, query temporal, and group data.

  • Other useful resources

The online world is literally your oyster; you have a variety of options easily available on the market. Explore key materials that will help you cover the topics smoothly. Read official Microsoft blogs that are related to the exam. Or, you can join several forums for you to share discussions and insights with fellow IT professionals.

A key notice with this MCSA certification exam

It’s important that you are up-to-date with the happenings involving Microsoft. These include the deviations in the certification track that gave rise to the birth of job-based credentials. Because of this, there’s a great possibility that the remaining MCSA certifications, together with other accreditations from its MCP curriculum, will be completely replaced with technical validations. Thus, if you want to become an associate in SQL 2016 Database Development, you’ve got to decide as soon as possible.


From querying data to programming database with Transact-SQL, exam 70-761 is your first step in accomplishing your very own MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development endorsement. Once you complete this one, you are bound for the second part of the certification, which is exam 70-762. So, make the most out of your certification journey and gain essential knowledge and skills that are needed by current employers. Having a profound comprehension in Transact-SQL will certainly put you on a pedestal.


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