LG launches ThinQ Experience Zone at Sarit Centre

LG Electronics has launched an experience zone at Sarit Centre dubbed the ThinQ Experience Zone. The company says the zone is designed to let visitors experience its artificially intelligent products – which should help them in better understanding the products.

LG says this is the first of many experience zones they will be setting up in East Africa. Located in the recently relaunched Hotpoint retail store, the first of its kind experience zone will be an opportunity for everyone looking to get LG appliances to witness firsthand what they can do with the products.

Speaking at the event, LG’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Haewoong Im said  “LG continues to pursue innovation to improve home living and we are now excited to be bringing that same passion and technology leadership in Kenya as we continue to enhance the shopping experience and comfort of Kenyan consumers.”

The facilities will be used to further bolster the company’s Artificial Intelligence footprint in the country, with the firm set to work closely with their esteemed trade partners in a way of developing and communicating their state of the art AI-powered technologies.

The LG ThinQ zone is  located at the Hotpoint shop on the ground floor of the Sarit Centre and it will feature LG’s latest premium product lineup equipped with ThinQ technology which includes OLED TVs, the recently launched NanoCell TVs, the AI DD Washing Machine, InstaView Refrigerators, DualCool Floor Standing Air Conditioners among other home appliances.

“AI is the next frontier in technological evolution and as leaders in home appliances and consumer electronics, we have a responsibility to make AI more approachable in order to improve their quality of life for homeowners.” added Mr Kim.

LG Electronics launches its ThinQ Experience Zone at the Sarit Centre

Underpinning smart home ecosystem is the LG ThinQ technology, which integrates appliances and electronics with AI and deep learning algorithms to deliver a more intuitive experience for users. With the LG ThinQ Experience Zone, the company aims to raise awareness of how a smart home ecosystem can be built and tailored to the needs of the individual.

LG Electronics plans to expand the LG ThinQ Experience Zone to other towns in the country as well as in the East Africa region.

LG’s says ThinQ technology focuses below elements:

  • Ease-of-Use: LG ThinQ-equipped integrated products can be monitored and operated via the simple use of a smartphone app. Elevating convenience a step further, LG’s advanced OLED and NanoCell AI ThinQ TVs also features natural language processing, enabling voice-activated control via the Magic Remote.
  • Personalization: LG ThinQ is designed to work in sync with each user in the household, who may use the same devices in different ways. LG InstaView can be programmed to align with the home’s daily rhythm by recognizing peak use periods and adjusting for optimal cooling.
  • Efficiency: LG InstaView can monitor usage patterns and automatically run in save mode during hours less frequently used for optimal energy consumption.

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