Business VoIP has become the spine of every growing and flourishing business. The way it brings advancement and utility in business communication was never witnessed before. Because of its low cost, better service delivery, and commendable value-added benefits, business VoIP has experienced an upsurge in its popularity. 

However, just as a coin has two sides, business VoIP also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing these both aspects before taking the best virtual phone number from cNumber on board is very important. 

 Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of business VoIP in general. 

 Advantages of VoIP 

  • Reduced operational cost – There are many ways by which business VoIP helps a business to trim down operational costs. For instance, the calling cost can be reduced by two folds as business VoIP uses internet connection for voice call transmission. Along with this, business VoIP brings savings at set-up/maintenance front and helps you cut down expenses that a business has to make on hiring manpower (as various tasks are automated). 
  • Immediate accessibility – With the cloud-based infrastructure, business VoIP helps a business to gain immediate and easy accessibility to the business database. This immediate access reaps many benefits further such as better productivity and improved decision-making ability.  
  • Complete portability – As business VoIP comes with impeccable compatibility, a business will experience complete portability at the communication front. Communication can be initiated and managed using any data-driven device like a mobile phone, PC, and laptop. 
  • Unified communication experience Business VoIP is capable of initiating and handling communication happening using multiple means like voicemail, email, voice, SMS, live chat, video conferencing, and so on. This ensures that a business would have a better reach in the customer market. 
  • Better call management – With features like call transfer, call recording, call queuing, auto call answering, and many more, business VoIP ensures that there is better call management across a business ecosystem and each call is handled with full professionalism. 
  • Remote work support – Businesses that can’t afford to have a physical office in every operational area can still remain functional by using the cloud-based business VoIP. In this deployment type, every telephony resource is deployed on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. 
  • Highly advanced business features – Business VoIP is not a stand-alone solution. It is actually an amalgamation of multiple business features like auto call answering, IVR, welcome message, voicemail transcription, and many more. All these features improve a business’s communication ability. 
  • Higher customer satisfaction – When calls are managed in a better and advanced manner, the response time will reduce and customer satisfaction will increase automatically. 

Disadvantages of VoIP 

  • 100 % dependency on internet connectivity – The absence or inadequate availability of internet connection can hinder the usability of business VoIP. A business located in areas where there is poor internet connectivity won’t be able to get much of benefits from business VoIP. 
  • Voice latency – Business VoIP is very prone to face the wrath of voice latency due to the fluctuations in the throughput capacity or excess load on the internet connection. Voice latency will lead to 
  • Data security – If a business VoIP service provider is not using the right kind of security protocols, it can cause serious security threats to a company’s crucial data. 

Is there any business VoIP that offers a higher degree of advantages? 

Yes, of course, there is. And it is cNumber. As cNumber is a quality and leading business VoIP service provider, it has learned the art to manage this business communication resource in the best possible manner.  

With the use of the right tools and techniques, cNumber has managed to keep the disadvantages as low as possible. It has implemented the world’s best security standards in its services and has managed to keep the risks on the bare minimum side. They have impeccable customer support to handle all the business VoIP related concerns. 

In conclusion 

When done rightfully and diligently, business VoIP can make a huge difference in a company’s communication ability and market presence. The above list clearly shows that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. 

By using the latest advancements of business VoIP, cNumber tries to reduce its drawbacks furthermore and it succeeds as well. This is why it has been considered as the best business VoIP phone service in the UK.


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