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Quick and Easy Airport Transfer services in East Africa with KaribuTaxi.com

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Airport Transfer is a very crucial aspect of travel. When you have booked your flight tickets, hotel room, your safari, events ticket, the next thing is to figure out how you will leave the airport.

An innovative company, Hospitality Group East Africa has launched an Online Travel Agency. Dubbed, Karibu Taxi, it can be accessed via www.kaributaxi.com. This is a platform that will basically bring all airport transfer providers in East Africa together.

The same way travelers can compare different hotels via platforms like booking.com or travelstart.com, inbound travelers will be able to compare and book various companies offering taxi and private transfers in Any Airport in East Africa.

The company has existed since 2016 and has provided these services to thousands of travellers. Taxi companies will be able to advertise their services through the system.

“No other such platform that exists in Kenya and we will be the pioneers. Said the Director We definitely know that we will get competitors but we have the first mover advantage.” Mr. Njuguna.

The benefit of this service to the traveler is that he will access the best rates as providers will endeavor to position themselves better through better prices and services.

The traveller will be able to know which driver will be picking him up. This platforms targets travel agencies, tour operators and even hotels that provide these services.

The company has created a very robust system that has open APIs and can be integrated with hotel, flight and booking systems.

The company has also completed integrating the system with AeroCRS a reservation system used by various domestic and regional airlines. This provides a platform for online bookers to add the transfer component as they book the flight ticket.

“We are also working at integrating the system with train and bus booking platforms in Kenya”. Said Mr Njuguna the Commercial director.

The company goal is to create more value-added travel market places especially in areas that have been overlooked by the mainstream travel players.

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