Acquiring a smartphone is becoming more and more difficult thanks to the growing competition from different manufacturers across all price points. Every manufacturer is trying hard to offer the best value proposition in a way that makes them a profit, cuts down their competition, and woes the most buyers.

Not every consumer knows what to look for when acquiring a smartphone. However, everyone has an idea of what they want: great battery life, good display, fast performance, and the like. The best of buyers know to look into the detailed specs including how big the RAM and Storage options are, is it the latest software, what’s the resolution of the display, and what’s the megapixel count of the cameras.

All the above checks are good. However, another – arguably – more important thing to check is the build quality. Not everyone remembers to check on build quality. It is not a topic people have when considering smartphones, but it should be. Thanks to reports from companies like Counterpoint, users can see reports on trust rankings that also breakdown things like build quality.

From these reports, HMD Global stands out as one of the manufacturers who take time to improve on, and ensure the build quality of its smartphones are up to, and even above industry standards.

There are many different tests that need to be done when checking on build quality. These cover product robustness, responses to drops and impacts, fatigue, wear and tear, heat issues, pressure, cold, and many other different but important tests.

According to Counterpoint’s Research Associate Director, Nokia phones have in the most recent report been said to the devices that undergo tougher tests than the industry’s average.

“We, therefore, concluded that, when considered alongside the faster software and security updates, the strong build quality means Nokia phones will last the test of time,” the Research Associate added.

Strong build quality is increasingly becoming an important factor when considering a smartphone. This is especially important with the current trend where users are bing forced by companies to feel like their devices are outdated and to want to upgrade to new devices. In a way, having a phone with great build quality, plus assured updates, makes consumers much more confident that they’ll be able to user their devices for longer.

“We are obsessed over every detail of the devices we design, to give our customers the best while delivering products that are built-to-last alongside the very best of Android,” HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, said in a statement.


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