Ahead of the launch of the upcoming PHANTOM X, smartphone company TECNO is set to re-define the PHANTOM moniker making it its flagship Sub-brand. This, the company explains, is with the aim of tackling the premiums smartphone market amid its ambitious expansion plan.

TECNO says that it is gaining more recognition and building a reputation in global markets. The launch of the PHANTOM brand is meant to mark a jump-forward for the brand into the higher-end market segment. Not only that, the launch of the sub-brand will also enable TECNO be more competitive in other global emerging markets

According to an industry observer, with the economy recovering from the pandemic globally, TECNO captured the changes in market demand and heard the want of high-end consumers to try new brands that bring bolder and better innovations that can inspire confident and bright minds of better future. The relaunch of PHANTOM comes just in time. It marks the TECNO’s determination as well as a solid step toward global outreach to high-end consumers.

Bearing the rich experience in global emerging markets of TECNO, the PHANTOM brand is bound to reshape the competitive landscape and ecology of the entire smartphone industry of the mid and high-end segment by bringing industry the most-advanced technologies with fantastic innovative features, explains a release from TECNO.

As a flagship brand, PHANTOM will complete with other brands in both respect, design, function, premium features and much more. TECNO says users should expect the devices to accommodate all the general needs and aspects of a phone in daily life, but to also bring in added luxury, elegance and to meet and satisfy the interest and intrigue of high-end customers.

The new device PHANTOM X is set to be equipped with many industry firsts in target market segment, such as a 3D borderless screen, a special design of angle arc to present users with the best comfortable grip in hands, and an industry first curved glass surface etched texture, and more. While there will be improvements to the traditional advantages of a high-end smartphone brand, such as charging time, battery life and storage, the upcoming PHANTOM X will also feature an industry leading large smartphone sensor.

As a new sub-brand, TECNO says consumers in Kenya, Nigeria and other markets will be able to purchase directly from PHANTOM’s website. This website www.mobile-Phantom.com will be launched in July 2021 when the new PHANTOM X becomes official. From the website, TECNO explains, you will be able to access carious options including buying the device, buying accessories, joining PHANTOM clubs, and much more. PHANTOM, TECNO explains, aims to ensure customer experience on the website is first-class.


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