Realme hits 100 Million Sales Globally in just three years

Realme has recently announced it has hit the milestone of 100 million smartphones sold globally confirming that it is the fastest growing smartphone brand despite the current economic challenges and the pandemic. Realme says that according to a report by Strategy Analytics, a market research consultancy, this makes it the first ever brand to reach this milestone in less than three years.

Launched in May 2018, as a spinoff sub-brand from OPPO, Realme became the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world in Q3 of 2019. It is now one of the top smartphone brands globally, and is available in over 60 different markets worldwide.

Realme says thanks to its fast pace and sharp growth, they reached 50 Million shipments in just 9 quarters.

The 100-million sales milestone in three years is another ‘first’ for Realme. The company was the first to introduce 125W UltraDart charging, the first to launch a 5G phone under $200, among the first to launch a phone with the Snapdragon 888, and the first to recently introduce wireless magnetic charging to Android devices.

Targeting global youths and young professionals as a consumer group has allowed Realme to leapfrog many well-known brands, as this group has been over-promised but underserved, according to realme’s CEO, Sky Li. “Young people, both our consumers and our staff, have taught us to dare to leap into the future and be trendsetters, giving us the courage to disrupt a well-entrenched industry.”

As a newcomer to the global smartphone industry, Realme found freedom in trying new business strategies and models. The company has started to expand its niche markets as it seeks to become a mainstream brand, and is also evolving its vision of building out a full-fledged AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) ecosystem for global users within the next five years. To this end, realme has unveiled a 1+5+T strategy, where 1 is the mobile phone, 5 stands for audio, wearables, TVs, tablets, laptops, and T stands for realme’s AIoT brand TechLife. realme believes that it can introduce its users to a technologically-enabled lifestyle without breaking the bank. With an audacious vision and courage to take on the world, realme is poised to break down barriers in a competitive environment.  

“The past three years have really been about an entrepreneurial spirit and untamed growth for realme”, said Li. “Thanks to the huge support from our young users, we have been able to reach our goal of shipping 100 million smartphones and have gained significant ground in the smartphone market. We will continue to provide young consumers around the world with products that have premium performance and trend-setting designs at affordable prices. We aim to reach an additional 100 million sales by the end of 2022, and ship 100 million units in the year of 2023.”

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