I don’t usually go back to a phone I already reviewed just to tell you how good it is. I try to paint that picture in the review, and let you compare it to the phones you want to. If I do go back, it is usually to do a long-term review. This isn’t a long term review.

This is a quick post where I share a little more on the things that really make it a great device. I am doing this because I picked the phone up yesterday and really loved using it through the day, reminding me of when it was my main phone while I was reviewing it.

I know the NOTE 11 Pro is around the corner, thanks to leaks, and it has even better specs, but before it arrives, let me (once again) give you another round of things I really like about this phone.

Here’s why the Infinix NOTE 10 Pro is really good:

  1. Specifications – you cannot call anything a good device if it doesn’t offer you great specs. I love big screens and big batteries. Infinix nailed both. The 5000mAh battery is more than enough for the close to 7-inch display. The Helio G95 processor is great! 8GB RAM and 128GB UFS Storage is really good. You know the Phantom X has the exact RAM, processor and storage for KES 50,000.
  2. Performance – more often than not, a phone will hype specs but fail in performance. I have my issues with the NOTE 10 Pro around Android Auto not working well, and the very annoying bloatware, but I cannot fault it on performance. You will game, you will launch apps really fast, and everything will be smooth thanks to both the processor, RAM and storage, but also to the fluid 90Hz panel.
  3. Cameras – of course at this price, these aren’t the best of cameras out there. But they’re really good. The compromises Inifnix took to ensure it is a fairly priced phone didn’t affect the quality of the images that much. You can check out my camera review to see the quality you should expect.
  4. Price – This is the reason I am still recommending the NOTE 10 Pro to anyone looking for a phone around this budget. I know there are serious offerings from Xiaomi too, but what’s widely available across the country – in retail stores – and at assured prices is this phone. That KES 25,999 price point is just right.
  5. Branding and partnerships – Infinix really went all in with Sauti Sol to push the NOTE 10 Pro. And it is one of the best ways a company has partnered with influencers in Kenya. I hope to see more brands properly partner with their ambassadors/influencers. It has to feel real.
  6. Build quality – it is a well built device. Solid, no creaks. Well balanced. Nice on the hand. Feels sort of premium despite being plastic. I dislike that it is so hard to photograph it, thanks to its shiny finish.

With the NOTE 10 Pro, Infinix nailed what a good 25k phone should offer. There’s no denying that. I hope they keep that choice process with the NOTE 11 Series.

I remember I used to complain about things like USB Type-C, and now they’ve fixed that. I hope they fix the following things too:

What Infinix really needs to work on:

  1. Software Updates: I can’t believe Infinix hasn’t worked this out yet. Every maker is out here promising 3/4/5 years of system updates and monthly security patches. Infinix hasn’t as yet given any promise on any of their devices. At least I haven’t seen any. The NOTE 10 Pro is still running the August Security Patch. They’re very capable of sending out security patches every month, and system updates every year for at least 3 years. And they should do it.
  2. User Interface – please update XOS to something at least more modern looking. I am hoping to see a whole revamp with Android 12. The current interface is boring, and I always need a launcher to keep things good looking. The settings page and quick toggles are fine. Just change the Home Screen and App Drawer situation once and for all.
  3. Bloatware – Please kill the bloatware already. I love that it felt much reduced on the NOTE 10 Pro. Meaning we are headed somewhere. But just kill all these unnecessary apps. Make them optional, like in a folder somewhere where once clicked they install in the background but users have the option of just doing away with them upon setup.

Here’s my review video of the Infinix NOTE 10 Pro:



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