Bolt – RUBiS partnership to offer drivers discounted fuel rates

Bolt has today announced a partnership with Rubis Energy Kenya that will see drivers who operate on the Bolt platform get discounted prices on fuel. This, the company says, is in a bid to cushion its drivers from the escalating fuel prices.

Bolt drivers will get a prepaid RUBiS card that will allow them enjoy KES 4 discount per litre. This will automatically apply to all fuel purchases made by drivers on the Bolt platform while feeling at any RUBiS, Kenol, Kobil or Gulf Energy stations countrywide. The card costs KES 350. This is a subsidised fee negotiated by Bolt.

Normally, the card costs KES 900 according to this FAQ page. Normal users are also required to top up KES 2000 – which is redeemable – on first acquisition.

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Bolt says its drivers are required to fill in a google form provided by Bolt so as to benefit from the incentive. They will need to collect their card at the RUBiS station specified in the form.

These cards can be toped up via M-Pesa, or through direct cash at any of the above mentioned stations.

Given most drivers are cross-platformed i.e. they operate on both Uber, Bolt and other ride-hailing apps, this is a move that will benefit many.

What Bolt and Rubis said:

“Bolt continues to invest in innovative ways that can reduce driver’s cost of doing business.  We acknowledge the huge financial burden on the drivers concerning the increased fuel prices in the country and how this affects their overall earnings. Our analysis shows that a primary car driver already spends +KES 34,000 on fuel per month, forming a substantial portion of their monthly earnings. We believe that this collaboration with RUBiS Energy Kenya will make it possible for drivers to access clean fuel at an affordable price, thereby improving their take-home earnings.” Said Kenneth Micah, Regional Manager, Bolt East Africa.

Jean-Christian Bergeron – Group CEO and Managing Director RUBiS Energy East Africa said, “Our primary purpose at RUBiS is to bring convenience and value to our customers, with the promise of ‘Making your life’s journey better’.  With this, we are proud to partner with Bolt to offer drivers convenience, value, and a world-class experience with the RUBiS Card at our retail service stations.”


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