TECNO’s Camon 17 and Phantom X first to receive Android 12 with HiOS 8.5

With the public release of Android 12, everyone is asking when their smartphone will be receiving the new operating system. TECNO has announced that the Camon 17 and the Phantom X will be its first line of devices to receive the major update.

With the HiOS 8.5 upgrade that will bring Android 12, TECNO says it will overhaul a number of major aspects that include software infrastructure, security and privacy, connectivity, user experience, gaming and much more.

The new version of HiOS, the company explains, will be redesigned to feel more responsive and intuitive for users, who will be able to experience more unified themes across apps and even devices.

With regards to privacy protection, HiOS is also further optimised and features Za-Hooc security concept which integrates software and hardware. TECNO says Android 12’s newly adapted clipboard, notifications, and approximate locations will also be coming to HiOS 8.5.


No exact dates have been shared. However, the company says by the end of this year, global users of CAMON 17 will all receive a push on the Android 12 version upgrade.  

Stephen Ha, general manager of TECNO said: “TECNO has always been committed to providing users in emerging markets with cutting-edge technologies synchronised with industry trends and continuously optimising the experience of using our devices. We are excited about Android 12’s updates, which bring a more convenient and personalized experience to consumers ranging from a newUI design to comprehensive security and privacy protection upgrades.”

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