Instagram Link Previews finally back on Twitter

A long time ago, when you posted an Instagram link on Twitter, you were able to see a preview of the post. That was the time Instagram had properly enabled Twitter Cards before competition got the better part of their thinking. The company disabled support for Cards in a bid to drive more traffic to their site. This was back in 2012.

Many years later, the company is finally adding back support. You will now be able to get a preview of an Instagram post directly from a tweet. The Meta-owned company is not using large Twitter Cards preview though. Instead, they’re small previews similar to other normal links shared on the platform.

It is not yet clear when everyone will be seeing the new update, but it should be rolling out to everyone both on Android, iOS and on the web.

It seems the same reason the feature was removed – increasing traffic – is why it is now back. For many people on Twitter, links without previews don’t get clicks. And with Twitter driving a lot of conversation on the internet, it seems apt for Instagram to bring back previews.

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