Twitter is testing a TikTok like Explore Page

A section of users on Twitter may see a different Explore Tab in the coming days as the company tests a TikTok-like scrolling feed. This has been announced by TikTok India, and it isn’t clear yet if the test will expand to other regions of the world.

This tweet shows you what to expect from the update. It is basically tweets but in a scrollable format akin to the usual TikTok experience. It seems though priority is given to tweets with video content. However, users will still see normal text tweets.

TikTok has experienced tremendous growth all over the world forcing many different platforms to copy their style. Facebook (now Meta) did it with Reels on Instagram, Pinterest has recently done it on their home page, and YouTube is forcing Shorts down everyone’s throat.

It remains to be seen if the new Explore Tab will be loved and rolled out to more people across the world.

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