Realme GT 2 Pro to be launched in Kenya early 2022

Realme Kenya has announced it will be bringing its next flagship series to the market in early 2022. There’s no official date for the device yet, but the announcement is pretty significant because of two reasons.

First of all, since the brand became available in the market, they’ve focused on affordable lineup of devices. So showing interest to bring their flagship series even before launch is a huge statement.

Secondly, yes the GT Master series was brought to the market a while after official global launch, but those devices weren’t very really using the most flagship of chips or specs. The upcoming GT 2 Pro is changing that by featuring Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.

Realme is touting the upcoming GT 2 Pro as the world’s first smartphone with a back cover made of eco-friendly material. The phone’s back cover uses a bio-polymer material that serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil raw materials.

The company is also praising the packaging of the phone saying the new box design has reduced the overall plastic ratio from 21.7% in the previous phone generation to 0.3% in the new model. This, the company explains, shows its commitment to net zero emissions.

The GT 2 Pro will be Realme’s most high-end device ever. It will compete with all other flagships from the onset, thanks to the processor. The company says all the premium features will come at a competitive price allowing millions of Kenyan users leap into high-end smartphone market.

Going with the GT Master prices, we should expect something around the same price points – which is super aggressive pricing for flagship specs. Hopefully, the device delivers more than it promises.

Realme has revealed two things to expect with the GT 2 Pro phone:

  • 150-degree ultra-wide camera and
  • Ultra-wide band antenna switching technology

Wide angle camera:

The ultra-wide camera, the company says, offers users a 278% wider view for a more visually appealing and detailed photos compared to the main camera’s 84° field. More details on the lens used and quality of pictures taken will be available once phone is launched.

Ultra-wide Band Antenna Switching

Equipped with an Antenna Array Matrix System, the phone will expose users to three new technologies:

  1. World’s first ultra-wide-band antenna switching technology (HyperSmart) – realme’s HyperSmart antenna switching technology is designed with 12 wrap-around antennas that cover all sides of the phone and support mainstream bands in almost all directions, all with the same signal strength. This allows GT 2 Pro to intelligently evaluate the signal strength of all antennas and automatically select the one with the best signal.
  2. Wi-Fi Enhancer – The symmetrical Wi-Fi antenna is designed to ensure more balanced signal strength around the phone. In realme’s tests, this design improved signal stability by 20% compared to asymmetrical Wi-Fi antenna design. 
  3. 360° near-field communication (NFC) technology – realme GT 2 Pro also integrates the top two cellular antennas with an NFC signal transceiver function, increasing the sensing area by 500% and the sensing distance by 20%. The entire upper part of the GT 2 Pro senses NFC signals in either direction, facilitating the use of NFC for swiping cards or smartphones.


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