Cybersecurity firm Acronis opens Cloud Data Centre in South Africa

Swiss Cybersecurity firm, Acronis, has announced the launch of a new cloud data centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new data centre is one of the 111 centres the company is deploying.

The new centre gives service provider partners access to a full range of cyber protection solutions upon which they can build new services while delivering faster access, constant data availability, and data sovereignty to their clients.

Acronis says having these capabilities is key for South African service providers in this age. Especially with cyber threats looming over the business landscape while data accessibility, privacy and compliance demands grow.

With the new data center in South Africa, local service providers will have a location within the country where they can store business-critical data for their clients. Managed service providers will also benefit from the full range of managed cloud solutions and cyber protection solutions available via the Acronis Cyber Cloud platform.

The global network of Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Centers already includes more than 40 data centers. From Europe to Asia and from the US to Africa, Acronis already opened cloud data centers across the globe and is planning to open many more.

“A local presence is a necessity for modern cloud businesses and we are proud to deliver the Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Center in South Africa. Now they can safeguard client data locally and know that they are backed by a global partner who is on standby 24/7/365 to address any issues,” said Peter French, regional general manager, Middle East and Africa, Acronis.

Denzil Moorcroft, sales director channel partners, 4Sight Dynamics Africa said: “As one of the fastest-growing Acronis Distribution Partners in one of the most rapidly growing regions (South Africa, Africa, Europe and the Middle East), we are excited about Acronis’s local approach to cyber protection, as it is important for organisations to meet localisation requirements. Our partners and their customers can look forward to locally-hosted cyber protection solutions, which will give them peace of mind and security, from a global partner like Acronis.”

The opening of the South Africa data center is part of the Acronis Global/Local Initiative, an effort that includes global management for all data centers, geographic redundancy, and control for local partners, and a local disaster recovery site – all with competitive pricing.

The goal of this initiative is that service providers will have no trouble meeting the ever-changing compliance, data sovereignty, and performance requirements they and their clients face.

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