When’s the Perfect Time to Get into the Forex Space? Explore the Ways to Start Your Trading Journey 

The biggest financial asset market worldwide, Forex – deals with coins and speculations on when to invest or buy a specific currency and concurrently purchasing another. Forex trading is determined by demand, which resembles how investors feel about the economic activities of countries. 

The GBP/CHF currency seems to be one of the most traded pairs on the global forex market. The British pound sterling (GBP) gradually increased in early 2021 compared to the Swiss franc (CHF) exchange rate which reached the lowest recorded value in October 2020. 

On January 3 2022, the forex market recorded a boom in improvement. It’s the most significant market globally, even more extensive than the stock market, with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion. In 2021, the forex market recorded $2.409 quadrillion, which is why many people consider this time to be extraordinary to get in the forex space. 

Forex Trading Statistics

  • The total value of the forex market improved from $1.934 quadrillion in 2016 to $2.409 in 2019.
  • Forex is the only financial market worldwide that operates nonstop.
  • The forex industry is accepted in 170 different states.
  • The U.S. dollar is on 88% of all forex traders. 
  • Seven currency pairs structure 68% of the forex market trading capacity. 
  • More than 6,000 different cryptocurrencies have been released since 2019.

How Much the Forex Market Values in 2022?

The 2022 forex market values $2,409,000,000 – $6.6 trillion on average/day traded on overseas markets. It’s massive than the previous analysis done by the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in 2016, with an evaluation of $1.934 quadrillion. As one of the biggest financial markets worldwide, forex market members are mostly investment managers, multinational corporations, hedge funds, and central, commercial, and investment banks. Retail forex exchange only records a mere of 5.5% of the whole forex market across the globe. 

Global Forex Markets 

  • $6.6 trillion daily trading volume
  • 29% increase since 2016
  • Higher than future markets
  • Well-developed than equities markets

Largest Financial Centers 

  • London
  • New York
  • Singapore 

The most popular forex trading is eased in 5 financial pivots globally, with 79% of forex trading in the UK, USA, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. By far, the UK remains the world’s largest forex trading center, taking part in about 43% of the world’s foreign exchange revenue. Also, with the existing rise in popularity of Forex trading in Asia, China improved significantly from the 13th to 8th primary trading market across the world. 

Share of Global OTC Forex Gross Revenue

  • The UK – 43.1% 
  • The U.S. – 16.5%
  • Singapore – 7.6%
  • Hong Kong – 7.6%
  • Japan – 4.5%
  • Switzerland – 3.3%
  • China – 1.6%
  • Australia – 1.4% 

The Best Time to Trade the Forex Market 

Millions of first-time traders hit the market without taking caution, with most of them walking away poorer. The biggest thing beginners have in common? They didn’t master the skills needed to slope the odds in their favor. If you take the adequate time to learn about Forex, it’s very possible to be on the path of improving your odds of experiencing success. Most people throw cash into Forex without understanding exactly why prices move lower or higher. 

Start by examining your relationship with money. Do you feel like you struggle, putting a lot of effort to earn money? Do you believe that you could attract market wealth? Whatever your beliefs, the market is going to strengthen your in-depths through profits and losses too. Remember that hard work will support your financial success, and losses can always turn into success in trading. Take a deep breath and learn more about the relationship between you and money. 

How to Embark on Learning Trading 

This seems pretty obvious, but opening a trading account is the first thing you should do. Find a good online broker from the list of high leverage FX brokers. Even though you may have already a personal account, make sure you make a separate one. Become familiar with the account and consider the free trading tools. Research to find exclusive offers for clients. Some websites, like Investopedia, provide information regarding how to find the right broker. 

Website tutorials, financial articles, stock market books: there’s plenty of information on the internet; it’s so inexpensive to click. Don’t focus on a single aspect regarding trading forex. Study everything market-wise, including concepts and ideas you don’t find important at this moment. Trading can prepare you to go on a journey that sometimes leads to a destination you did not anticipate. 

Do you have a social media account? Good – start following the world’s biggest forex investors. Get up early, read all about the market, price action, and foreign markets every day. 

Practicing Trading 

Virtual trading provides the perfect solution, allowing beginners to follow market actions, make selling or buying decisions, and so on. Other ways to practice trading? Additional education is important in your trading career. Taking classes can be beneficial, and you can choose from different levels. More specific seminars are often conducted by expert traders and can offer you valuable information about the overall forex space. Some may be like workshops, while others are more academic. But all of them can provide valuable information. Most focus on specific types of assets or a trading technique. It depends on what you’re more interested in!

Paying to watch professionals may be more beneficial than trying to apply the strategies yourself. It’s also useful to get yourself an attendant that could offer you advice. Keep a daily journal of your trades; it’ll help you calculate your final losses or profits. 

With that in mind, it’s important to consider starting your trading journey with deep education in financial markets. It will help you build effective strategies, analyze results, and make continuous adjustments. Keep an eye on the news when setting up a trading calendar. This will allow you to know what opportunities are, and not let them slip away. 


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