I’ve been using the OPPO Reno 7 for a couple of days now. This is the 4G model. It costs way less compared to the 5G model, and has the better design if you ask me. This article breakdown the things I love most about the device. My full review article will cover a lot more in detail.


To everyone who has read my previous OPPO reviews, you may be tired of hearing this. But I will keep saying it: ColorOS is really good right now. Like really good. From the customisation options, the software update cycle and just overall the look and arrangement.

We covered this in detail on our Podcast:

For example, the phone already received the April Security Patch. Something some high end phones are yet to send.

Android Auto experience:

I talked about what to expect from different Android makers in terms of Android Auto. I didn’t have a great experience with the Reno6 5G in this category. However, with the Reno 7, things are really good now.

I plug in to the car and Android Auto picks up smoothly with no issues. There have been no instances where the connection has failed, or I’ve had to restart the car. The only issue is when gesture mode is enabled, sometimes the Keyboard would not be present when you unplug from Android Auto. But this is an Android Auto issue in general, reported by many different users across the continent.

OPPO needs to also check on their GPS. Because I’ve had instances where the phone reports GPS connection lost with no explanation.

All that said, Android Auto is great – the connection, stability, sound quality and usability when on the road.

My favourite OPPO Reno 7 Features


In a world where 5000mAh battery is the “SI Unit”, the 4500mAh battery on the Reno 7 may feel not adequate. That’s wrong it is. If the Reno6 5G’s battery was adequate at 4300mAh, this is even better.

I have had no instances where I feel the battery is draining too fast. Whether I am on 4G or on WiFi. And I have never had an instance where I’ve put it on battery saver mode.

Always On is constantly enabled. I have the refresh rate at 90Hz always. And I am constantly between social and entertainment apps.

You will get over 2 days of light to normal use, and over a day of use with normal to heavy requirements.


Of course I love the design of this device. That boxy finish is killer. I have the black version too, which I think should be the option everyone goes for. It is matte, but sparkly. It feels great on the hand, and doesn’t show smudges which can be annoying.

I love that I can prop the phone upright on its own. It’s not a feature anyone will use anywhere – maybe when shooting a video of the device – but its nonetheless something I feel is so cool. I love the button placements too.

One design choice – in software – is what’s infuriating. To switch off the phone, OPPO decided to copy Apple and have it use the volume up plus power button. It’s so annoying.

The camera arrangement at the back stands out. The LED strip around the camera that serves as a notification light is great. It shines enough to see even when the phone is placed on the table with the camera covered.

That camera design gives the phone a very premium vibe.

My favourite OPPO Reno 7 Features


This is a really great aspect of the phone. Saturation is not over done. Colours seem pretty accurate, vibrant and comfortable to the eyes. Watching content on the display is satisfying, if you don’t mind a screen size that feels a little on the compact side.

You can watch Netflix content in Full HD resolution. However, HDR is not supported.

The under-display scanner is fast enough and accurate. The 90Hz refresh rate is just enough, though I’d prefer 120Hz at this price point.

I will share more stuff on the phone in my full review article.


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