realme promises more affordable smartphones with premium features

realme is setting the pace towards making smartphones affordable in Kenya, to bridge a widening internet coverage gap, despite huge investments in high speed internet across Africa.

realme Kenya PR and Marketing manager said Kenyans should expect more affordable smartphones with premium features, after a successful run since the launch of realme C25Y into the market in December 2021- and a growing demand for cloud computing, gaming , streaming and other connected services.

“For close to a decade, there has been significant development geared at boosting 3G and 4G coverage, however only half of the population connected to the internet has been able to leverage 4G, as cost of 4G enabled smartphones remaining out of reach for many Kenyans especially the youth,” said Mildred Agoya PR and Marketing Manager realme Kenya.

GSMA in its latest report, State of Mobile Internet Connectivity 2021-Sub-Saharan Africa, shows over half a billion people living in areas with a mobile broadband network are not using mobile internet, despite substantial increases in mobile broadband coverage since 2014. Infact, the coverage gap widened from 540 million in 2019 to 570 billion in 2022.

“Handset affordability remains among key barriers to connectivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, with smartphones still accounting for less than half of total connections in the region. We want to reverse these numbers and help many people to unlock the multi-million dollar potential presented by internet economy,” said Agoya

Between 2016 and 2020, the cost of cheapest smartphone has reduced by 12.7 percentage points to 26.5 percent- which is still the highest in the world.

Realme’s C series models are of  high quality, reliable and high-performance budget-friendly smartphone offers the best price and premium features advantages- making the C series model at realme, the bestselling in the market.

The C series phones come with Mega 5,000mAh battery, 6.5 inches screes, powerful processors in the price range as well as a super power saving mode which allows user to still maintain the basic functionality while using up to six common apps and remaining connected while saving as much as possible on battery.

The C series phones available in the market include the best seller realme C25Y, the realme C21Y, and the realme C11 2021. Which are al available in both online and offline shops across the country.

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