Jambojet has announced a rewards program that will see customers get 600 discount vouchers each worth KES 3,000. The vouchers will be available for customers who sign up for the Jambojet Rewards loyalty program which was launched in April of this year.

Jambojet has partnered with Cellulant for the program. Winners will be selected at random, with up to 80 people chosen weekly. The campaign will run between June and July.

Cellulant powers payments for Jambojet which flies to 7 destinations from its primary hub in Nairobi. The airline has flown over 5 million passengers since its inception in 2014.

“Over 70% of our customers book their tickets online and pay for their tickets using mobile money. This partnership with Cellulant is another way to offer value to our loyal customers, some of whom fly up to 100 times in a year. Our customers have a chance of getting a KES 3,000 voucher to pay for part of their ticket when making a future booking,” said Mr Karanja Ndegwa, Jambojet Managing Director & CEO. 

“We’re happy to further our long-standing partnership with Jambojet by enabling them to offer a seamless payment experience to their frequent customers,” remarked Akshay Grover, Group CEO at Cellulant. “In today’s digital world, as consumers become increasingly digital-first, businesses that offer frictionless digital payment experiences gain a competitive advantage. This partnership reinforces our commitment to enabling businesses to thrive and we do so by providing relevant and alternative payment methods.” 


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