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How to get the Nairobi Express Way ETC on your Car

There are three ways to pay when using the Nairobi Expressway: directly paying with cash, paying with the MTC Card (Manual Toll Collection), or using the ETC Method (Electronic Toll Card). The first method requires nothing on your part. You just drive to a toll station entry point, pick a ticket and then pay with cash at an exit point.

For the MTC and ETC payment methods, you need to visit the MOJA Expressway Company at either Lavington or . The MTC method is basically a Card that’s loaded with cash. You tap it at the entry and exit points. Like the cash method, it’s not really a time-saver, as everyone with it has to line up. You need only your ID card to get it.

How to get the ETC On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Nairobi Expressway

The ETC method is the fastest way to use the Expressway. However, it requires an installation of an On-Board Unit in your car. Unlike the OBUs that come with second hand cars from Japan, the OBU that’s being set up with MOJA Expressway is completely wireless. So no wiring will be done in your car. It has a tiny solar panel. And the cameras at the toll gate will automatically pick up your car and open the gate when you approach.

What you need to get the ETC for the Nairobi Expressway:


  • Your Logbook
  • Your National ID


  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Company PIN Certificate
  • Original and Copy of Contact Person’s ID/ Passport
  • Copy of Vehicle’s Logbook
  • Authorisation Letter

How to apply for the ETC for the Nairobi Expressway:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Create Account”
  3. Choose between ‘Individual’ or ‘Corporate’ Account
  4. Fill in the necessary information and click “Submit”
  5. Enter the Verification Code you receive as a text message
  6. Once in your Profile Dashboard, click “Apply” for new ETC
  7. Fill in the required details including uploading a scan on your ID/Passport and a scan of your Logbook.
  8. Choose an installation centre, either at Lavington or on Mombasa Road
  9. Visit the installation centre and tell them you’ve already filled up the necessary data online.
How to get the ETC On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Nairobi Expressway

How to top up your ETC:

  1. From the dashboard on, you can click “Top Up Account” and follow prompts to top-up via M-Pesa through Standard Chartered Bank.
  2. You can also top up using *208# using M-Pesa through Stanbic Bank.
How to get the ETC On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Nairobi Expressway
After sticking it on your windscreen, the agent will activate it

How long the installation takes:

At the installation centre, once you have signed the documents and topped up your account, you’ll be taken to your car so that the unit can be installed. Since there’s no wiring, this will be a simple stick on to the windscreen. The agent will then activate the unit with their phone-like device, and you’ll be good to go. So about 10 minutes total.

Extra information:

Balances & Dashboard data:

You can view your balance whenever you cross the expressway. There’s a screen that displays this information. However, this may not always work, depending on how fast you cross. So you can also sign in to the portal, and view your statement. The statement is necessary for example in the case of a corporate car.

How to get the ETC On-Board Unit (OBU) for the Nairobi Expressway

You also get to see all the entrance and exit points at each toll station you used, the exact times, and your points balances before and after payment.

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