Infinix now allows trade in of older devices for new ones at Carlcare and Safaricom Shops

Infinix Kenya will now allow you to trade in your older devices for newer ones. The company has announced that customers will be able to trade in models purchased between 2019 and 2022 for newer models from any of their outlets, carlcare centres and Safaricom shops.

This is the first major announcement of this kind from the company. It’s also a great step in customer appreciation and retention. It ensures the company gets to keep a customer for longer. It also ensures proper disposal of potential e-waste.

The best part is Infinix says when you trade in your older model, you’ll be able to receive cash back for your phone’s value, or be allowed to top-up cash and purchase a new device.

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How to trade in Infinix Phones:

  • Visit Infinix Outlets or Carlcare centres
  • Present your National ID and the older phone model for ownership certification
  • Phone will be valued by Infinix and then you will be able to receive cash back or top up to purchase new phone.

How to trade in Infinix Phones at Safaricom Outlets:

For Safaricom outlets, you will only be able to trade in your older devices for the new Infinix HOT 12 Play or the Infinix SMART 6 Plus.

What to note:

  1. It is Infinix who will value your device. Meaning you don’t get to have a say on how they price your device.
  2. You must carry your National ID to prove the phone was bought by you. Meaning your must have given your ID number when you purchased the device. Or carry your receipt.
  3. The phone you’re trading in must be a recent model made between 2019 and 2022.


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