Showmax already announced that you will be able to stream all the 2022 FIFA World Cup games if you have Showmax Pro. Well, the company has today announced that for those with 4K enabled devices, they will be able to watch all the games in glorious 4K.

So if you have a Smart TV, Android TV, Apple’s tvOS, Streams or Explore Ultra, or just via the web, provided your device and internet is capable of 4K playback, you will be able to watch the games in that resolution. Showmax says you will need around 90MB per minute for 4K playback.

Viewers can, of course, choose the data streaming option that best suits them: in addition to the new Showmax 4K and High Definition (HD) options, there are Low, Data Saving and Max Data Saving modes that use just 300MB, 100MB and 50MB per hour respectively. 

“We built Showmax Pro with our football-mad continent in mind,” says Yolisa Phahle, CEO of Connected Video at MultiChoice. “We became the first streaming service in Africa to make mobile downloads possible for offline viewing and created the lowest data streaming option on the continent. Now we are gearing up for the world’s greatest sports spectacle, which deserves to be seen in the best quality possible, so we’re delighted to introduce 4K for the first time during the FIFA World Cup QatarTM. The 4K stream will have up to 50 frames per second (fps), double the standard 25fps we currently offer.” 

One of the key differences when live streaming sport versus watching a dedicated television channel is how you consume matches. Rather than tuning into a specific channel, on Showmax Pro you can select specific matches and set reminders to watch. If you miss a game, highlights will be available to stream on demand. 

We had raised questions on why Showmax content is only in 720P a few weeks ago. Seeing 4K sports streaming becoming an option means we could soon see 4K content for both movies and TV shows in the near future. That would be great especially for stuff like House of the Dragon.


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