5 Android Features I wish the iPhone Copied

As a reviewer, the devices I get to use a lot are obviously powered by the Android Operating System. These phones all look different though, as each manufacturer slaps a different User Interface, and additional features. There are features that are on all Android devices that I wish Apple added to the iPhone:

  1. Clipboard 
  2. Settings 
  3. Network selection
  4. Content discovery
  5. Customisabilty 


Whenever I am using an iPhone, my biggest frustration when coping stuff is how you must copy one thing at a time. On Android devices, I can copy as many items as possible, and when pasting choose what I want to paste. These items stay on the clipboard – including text, links and images – and I can access each item from the keyboard. It makes work easier, that constantly switching between apps. Highlighting something to copy is also way easier on Android devices than on the iPhone.

Settings Page:

Android apps all have their settings in-built. Meanwhile on the iPhone, depending on the app you may have to go to the Settings App, and scroll all the way down to change something. It is a confusing thing to even try and explain.

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On Android devices, the settings page is well organised and finding something is very simple. If you have an issue, you can also just search while on settings. You can also search while on Settings App on the iPhone, however the breakdown of things is so unintuitive and confusing since both system and individual app settings are on one place.

Network Selection:

This used to be way better on Android, but over time we are seeing different manufacturers remove the option. However, being Android a simple third-party app allows you to force your device to be on a particular network standard at all times. So, say you want the phone to stick to a 5G/4G signal, a third-party app on Android allows you to force that selection at all times. Meanwhile on the iPhone, you are left at the mercy of the iPhone’s radio and software choices.

I hate the instances when I need a strong connection and the iPhone is jumping between 5G, 4G and 3G. While on an Android phone, I can just force the phone’s radio to stick to a particular network standard, until I switch back to auto mode.

Content discovery:

This is something I am aware not everyone may relate to, but it’s something dear to me. First of all, Apple News isn’t available in my market. And so are many other Apple features and services. So that’s not a solution.

On Android devices, from the homepage, I can swipe to access the Google Cards section to read stuff. I can also access the Google Chrome browser for more content. On the iPhone, I have the option to install the Google app, or the Chrome browser for these features. However, it just feels off thanks to the steps needed every time, and thanks to the fact that all browsers on the iPhone are pretty bad, except of course for Apple’s own Safari.


This has been a thing people have talked about for years and years. It’s still a thing I wish Apple did better with their iPhones. I am particularly frustrated with the following:

  • App Library – this is the closest to an App Drawer, but the limits to how one can organise stuff are annoying.
  • Control Centre – Apple should allow me to play around with more toggles.
  • Lockscreen – yes Apple has really reworked it, but is now even more confusing.

What are some of the things you wish Apple copied from Android?


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