KCB Bank Kenya Invests KES 150M in 2023 WRC Safari Rally

KCB Bank Kenya has announced a significant investment of KES 150 million to support the 2023 World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally. The bank’s sponsorship will not only bolster sports development but also contribute to youth empowerment, reaffirming its commitment to motorsport in the region.

As the Official Financial Partner for the Championship, scheduled to take place from June 22 to 25, 2023, in Nakuru County, KCB Bank Kenya’s investment demonstrates its dedication to the growth and success of the event. This year’s edition of the Safari Rally marks the third year since its return to the World Rally Championship calendar after a two-decade absence.

Out of the total sponsorship amount, KES 100 million will directly support the 2023 WRC Safari Rally event, ensuring its smooth organization and execution. An additional KES 50 million will be allocated to sponsor three local drivers, as well as for brand activations and customer engagements, enhancing the overall experience for rally enthusiasts.

KCB Bank Kenya has also renewed its sponsorship for two Kenyan drivers, Evans Kavisi and Nikhil Sachania, who have been part of the bank’s supported team. Joining them will be Karan Patel, strengthening the bank’s commitment to nurturing local talent and providing them with opportunities to excel on the global stage.

Since its initial sponsorship of the Safari rally in 2003, KCB Bank Kenya says it has invested over KES 1.5 billion in motorsport development in the country. The bank’s contributions played a crucial role in the Safari Rally’s historic return to the World Rally Championships, cementing Kenya’s position as a prominent destination in the world of motorsports.

At the launch of the sponsorship, KCB Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. Paul Russo expressed his pride in being part of East Africa’s motorsport story and reiterated the bank’s commitment to supporting sports. He said, “This marks another chapter in our story and reiterates our commitment to supporting sports, as we celebrate the historic return of WRC Safari Rally to Kenyan soil.”

Mr. Russo also highlighted the bank’s contribution to the growth of motorsport in the region, stating, “It is a great pleasure to see that our sponsorship over the years has resulted in the growth of motorsport in the region, opening up the sport to many young talents.”

In addition to its financial support, KCB Bank Kenya has taken a proactive approach to promoting sustainability and environmental care during sporting activities. Mr. Russo announced that the bank is championing sustainability initiatives such as tree planting, recycling, and waste management throughout the Safari Rally and beyond. As part of a collaborative effort with other partners, KCB aims to plant 400,000 trees in several counties throughout the year, building on the success of the previous year’s initiative that saw 700,000 trees planted.

The investment by KCB Bank Kenya signifies the institution’s commitment to the development of motorsports in the country while promoting environmental sustainability. As the 2023 WRC Safari Rally approaches, Kenyan racing fans eagerly anticipate an unforgettable event that will showcase the nation’s talent and showcase Kenya as a prominent sporting destination on the global stage.

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