Digital portraits and avatars are quickly becoming a staple of our online lives, with various styles and designs filling up social media platforms. The ability to create these digital representations of ourselves has been made possible by innovative platforms like Vana, which has recently announced its expansion to Kenya. 

Vana, short for “Nirvana,” is a decentralised platform that allows users to  create and control their digital selves. It’s a realm of possibilities powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what the company calls your Virtual DNA (VNA). Vana says its mission is to liberate and set data free, allowing our digital selves to live, play, and prosper freely. 

Vana’s Launch in Kenya 

Vana’s launch in Kenya is a significant milestone in the country’s online social narrative. It’s not just a new app; it’s like a new way of interacting with AI, a  new way of exploring digital identities, and a new way of shaping the future of  AI. Vana says early adopters in Kenya are already making waves in the  Vanaverse, sharing their experiences and showcasing the potential of Vana. 

Accessing Vana is straightforward: visit, follow the on-screen  instructions to create an account, and begin the journey of creating your face VNA and exploring the Vanaverse. 

Vana Launches in Kenya, Pioneering Personalised AI and Digital Self-Expression 

What Can You Do on Vana? 

From reading Vana’s website and FAQs, the company has big dreams around having your VNA and your personalised AI that understands and represents you. Vana is also quite direct on how you will be able to control your personal data, and your digital self. You get to decide who can use your data, what they can use it for, and if they should pay you if they profit from it. 

Vana says users can add or delete data whenever they please, and that they don’t keep a copy of any data that is deleted. This control over personal data is  managed through the Vana app, where users can also manage their data with personal support from the Community Support team. 

But what does this mean in terms of the Vana experience? At the moment, Vana allows you to create digital portraits of self. Users can create digital avatars of themselves, create different styles and looks of themselves in various styles, and even create two-person digital portraits with other people on the  platform.  

Beyond this, Vana is also a space where creators, developers, and builders can partner with the company to co-create new realities. Vana says users can host art exhibitions, allow gamers to be their own main character, or create custom clothing designs based on someone’s music preferences. The possibilities with AI are literally endless. 

The Vanaverse 

The Vanaverse is a digital universe brought to life by Vana. Here, users can navigate through a myriad of experiences, all tailored to their unique Virtual DNA (VNA). It’s a concept that’s as intriguing as it is innovative, offering a fresh perspective on digital interaction. 

The Vanaverse isn’t just a playground; it’s a canvas for creativity and self expression. Vana says users can invite others to interact with their digital selves, or even co-create new realities. Vana says the Vanaverse is their commitment to fostering a vibrant, interactive community. The company aims to redefine the possibilities of AI and foster a collaborative environment where your ideas can flourish.  

Personalised AI 

Vana also says it is pioneering a new approach to AI, one that places users at  the helm. In Vana’s model of participatory AI, users aren’t just passive consumers; they’re active contributors, shaping AI systems and influencing  their development. This model is a bold step towards democratising AI, empowering individuals to contribute to the advancement of AI. 


Vana’s launch in Kenya marks a significant milestone in the country’s tech landscape. At the moment, the most tangible offering from Vana is the creation of digital  portraits and avatars. The dream of having your own VNA and controlling your  data is quite ambitious and very welcome. However, it remains to be seen how  this will be implemented and what it will mean for users in practical terms. We are excited to see what Vana builds to expand their Vanaverse. 

We believe this platform is a glimpse into what AI can do, and a tantalising preview of the possibilities that lie ahead. As we stand on the brink of this new era, it’s fascinating to  imagine the things we will be able to do in the not-so-distant future.  


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