Airtel Money Partners With Britam for Affordable Insurance Covers

A landmark collaboration between Airtel Money, Britam, and Inclusivity Solutions promises to change the face of insurance in Kenya. Together, they have rolled out a unique range of affordable insurance solutions tailor-made for individuals and families.

Diverse and Affordable Coverage Options

Designed with the needs of Kenyans in mind, the insurance packages include:

  1. Personal Accident Cover: This caters to individuals at a fee of KES 35 monthly or families at KES 150 monthly. It offers a safeguard against permanent disabilities or fatalities resulting from accidents. The cover guarantees a KES 100,000 payout either to the individual or their closest kin in these circumstances.
  2. Hospital Cash (Hospicash) Cover: For a monthly premium of KES 40 (individuals) or KES 170 (families of up to four members), policyholders receive a daily KES 500 cash benefit for every night spent in the hospital, starting from the third day and lasting up to 30 days annually. This cover provides a buffer against loss of income and unexpected medical expenses.
  3. Last Expense Cover: This cover aims to reduce the financial strain of funeral costs. Priced at KES 40 monthly for individuals and KES 170 for families (of up to four), it offers a lump sum payout of KES 100,000 to help beneficiaries manage income loss, pending bills, and funeral expenditures.
  4. Combo Benefit: A comprehensive package that encompasses the Hospital Cash, Accidental/Natural Death, and Permanent Total Disability covers. This cover is priced at KES 100 for individuals and KES 420 for families per month.

Easy Access and Hassle-Free Claims

To access these insurance packages, Airtel Money users simply need to dial *334# on their phones. Customers can not only purchase individual covers but also have the option to buy the all-inclusive Combo Benefit.

Eligibility for these covers is broad, welcoming people between the ages of 18 and 65. Moreover, the packages can extend coverage to four dependents, promoting a culture of protection within Kenyan households.

Making a claim is straightforward. Customers initiate it by dialing *334# on their Airtel line and then following the user-friendly prompts.

At the launch event, Anne Kinuthia-Otieno, the Managing Director of Airtel Money Kenya, conveyed her excitement. “By harnessing the capabilities of Airtel Money,” she said, “we are reshaping the insurance sector in Kenya, making it more accessible, efficient, and centered on the customer.”

Evah Kimani, Britam’s Director of Partnerships and Digital, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of reaching millions of Kenyans previously excluded from formal insurance.

Indira Gopalakrishna, the CEO of Inclusivity Solutions, emphasized the technological edge her company brings. Their award-winning digital insurance platform streamlines the launch of such embedded insurance products, making this collaboration even more promising.

A Pledge for Financial Inclusion

The companies say this partnership stands as a testament to their dedication. Together, they aim to bridge the gap in the insurance sector, reaching out to millions of Kenyans previously untouched by conventional insurance solutions.

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