Paymentology & Boya Launch Virtual Card for Kenyan Firms

In an innovative move poised to reshape the way Kenyan businesses manage their finances, global issuer-processor, Paymentology, has announced its collaboration with the Kenya’s Boya. This partnership aims to simplify expenses for Kenyan corporates by harnessing the combined prowess of the two companies.

With its roots as a next-gen global issuer-processor, Paymentology stands at the forefront of the payments realm. Catering to banks, fintechs, and telcos, it brings to the table the acumen to issue and manage an array of card types, spanning from debit to credit, and everything in between.

Boya on the other hand is a cutting-edge technology company that has pioneered an all-inclusive spending platform tailored for Kenyan businesses. With Boya, businesses can now effortlessly issue corporate expense cards on-the-spot, accompanied by superior software that consolidates and monitors all business expenditures in a singular interface.

A Partnership Built on Technological Excellence

The recent launch of Boya’s virtual expense card comes in the wake of this new partnership. With the support of Diamond Trust Bank, a prominent Tier 1 bank in Kenya, Paymentology has connected Boya to Visa. This not only enables card issuance but also empowers the platform with enhanced data analytics capabilities.

The cloud-based Boya platform, founded in 2021, revolutionizes business expense management. This platform offers user-friendly mobile and web applications that facilitate efficient expense tracking. What makes Boya stand out is its adaptability; businesses can customize categories, benefit from automatic transaction recording, and enjoy organizational-structure-tailored approval workflows.

Moreover, Boya’s platform takes a leap forward in the field of financial insights. Its advanced reporting capabilities generate pivotal reports, driving enhanced financial decisions. And it doesn’t stop there; integration with mainstream accounting software negates the need for manual data entry, promoting adherence to corporate regulations and guidelines.

On the user front, Boya’s mobile application caters to the modern employee. Whether using an iOS or Android device, employees can effortlessly manage their expenses and keep an eye on approval statuses. The overarching benefit for businesses? A streamlined expense management process, heightened financial transparency, and tangible cost savings.

What they said:

Alphas Sinja, CEO at Boya, extolled the initiative: “Boya’s methodology has pioneered a transformation in the realm of expense tracking and reporting across Kenyan businesses. Our alliance with Paymentology empowers us with a robust infrastructure, facilitating the seamless introduction of our virtual Visa expense card. We’re excited about what the future holds for this partnership, as we jointly strive to enable businesses to make well-informed spending decisions.”

Echoing this sentiment, Kirsten Wortmann, Paymentology’s Regional Director for Africa, remarked, “The contemporary digital arena demands nimbleness. We’re elated to bolster Boya’s Visa virtual card launch, recognizing the increasing significance of adept financial tools for Kenyan enterprises. Leveraging our state-of-the-art solutions and profound expertise, we assure Boya’s clientele of flawless expense management, letting entrepreneurs concentrate on their core business objectives.”


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