OPPO partners with Badili for Simple & Quick Smartphone Trade-in

OPPO has announced a partnership with Badili Africa, a move that marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainable smartphone upgrades in the digital age. In an era where technology is evolving at a breakneck speed, it’s essential for smartphone giants to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. Through this collaboration, OPPO has championed the cause by introducing a trade-in initiative, allowing customers to swap their old smartphones for newer models. This strategy not only satisfies the tech-savvy consumer’s appetite for the latest gadgets but also aligns perfectly with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and broader sustainability objectives.

Benefits to the Consumers

A huge selling point for trade-in programs is the array of advantages they offer. Firstly, it addresses a common pain point for many: the cost associated with upgrading. Instead of spending a significant amount on a brand-new smartphone, users can now get a discount, making the new phone more affordable.

Moreover, this program is incredibly convenient. Rather than puzzling over how best to recycle their old devices, users can simply drop them off at designated OPPO stores. This not only makes responsible recycling easier but also ensures that devices that might have been discarded improperly get a new life.

Consumer awareness about environmental issues is on the rise. OPPO’s initiative aligns perfectly with this growing consciousness, enabling users to actively contribute to reducing e-waste and the larger mission of conserving our planet’s resources.

Fredrique Achieng, PR Manager at OPPO Kenya, highlighted the grim statistics: electronic waste is predicted to surge by 12.82% between 2023 and 2028. In response, OPPO has actively invested in recycling systems globally. In 2022 alone, OPPO recycled 1.08 million phones in China, which weighed a colossal 195 tons. Beyond China, OPPO is a proud participant in the Green Dot program in the EU, and they collaborate with expert recycling firms to manage used products responsibly.

Battery Lifespan Revolution

Another commendable feat by OPPO is the introduction of its Battery Health Engine. This innovation is designed to address the common problem of battery degradation over time. OPPO’s solution ensures batteries retain up to 80% of their capacity even after 1,600 charge-discharge cycles. This is significantly superior to the current industry standards and speaks to OPPO’s dedication not just to better user experiences but also to a more sustainable future. The Battery Health Engine isn’t just an internal achievement – it received external recognition by winning the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award.

Beyond Trade-ins: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

OPPO’s mission extends far beyond trade-in programs. They are deeply committed to sustainability and have established a Sustainability Management Committee to guide their journey. Recognizing that achieving such ambitious goals cannot be done in isolation, OPPO actively collaborates with various partners across ecosystems.

In 2022, the OPPO Inspiration Challenge was launched, seeking groundbreaking solutions in accessible technology and digital health. Fast forward to 2023, the challenge continues to inspire global innovation under categories like “Inspiration for People” and “Inspiration for the Planet.”

How to trade in your OPPO smartphone through Badili:

To take advantage of the trade-in program, customers can visit any OPPO store nationwide. The program isn’t exclusive to OPPO devices – phones from other brands are welcome. For those interested, the OPPO Customer Experience Center in Emperor Plaza is a prime location to begin this sustainable upgrade journey.

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