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Julia Collins and Other Tech Leaders to Empower Female Founders at Lagos Summit

Building Resilience Amidst Challenges: TLcom Hosts the Largest Gathering of Women in Tech at Africa Tech Female Founder Summit 2023

TLcom Capital, an influential Africa-centric venture capital firm, has unfurled the banner for its pivotal fifth annual Africa Tech Female Founders Summit, a cornerstone event scheduled for November 14th, 2023, that accentuates the prominence and prowess of women in the technological landscape of Africa.

With an echoing theme of “Building Resilience: Adapting to New Realities,” the summit meticulously converges on the adversities and triumphs experienced by African founders, presenting a platform to dive into insightful discourses, sagacious advice, and supportive confluence from a cadre of both global and African business magnates.

The spotlight of the summit will shine brightly on Julia Collins, a luminary in the tech sphere, and the first black woman to burgeon a unicorn startup. Collins, presently at the helm of Planet FWD – a forefront decarbonization platform – will enlighten the audience with a keynote address and guide a masterclass focusing on the crucial journey toward Product Market Fit.

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The event, transpiring in the vibrant city of Lagos, will be embellished with the presence of distinguished figures like Cikü Mugambi of Kobo360, Enas Siam from FlexStock, and Thomas Njeru, the co-founder of Pula, who will explore the topic “When the going gets tough” in an engrossing panel discussion. An insightful session on the pivotal role of Investing in Women will be orchestrated by Tokunbo Ishmael of Alithea Capital, while Glory Edozien, an executive visibility expert, will spotlight how to efficaciously Build & Leverage Networks.

Having previously congregated over 150 female founders and operators in Nairobi in 2022, this summit, now in Lagos, stands as a testament to TLcom’s commitment to weaving a robust network of women in tech across Africa.

Senior Partner at TLcom Capital, Omobola Johnson, reflecting on the endeavor, remarked, “In a year that has unfurled numerous challenges for founders continent-wide, our summit aims to amalgamate our community to share, learn, and forge tactics that imbue resilience in their businesses amidst the prevailing climate.”

Andreata Muforo, a Partner at TLcom Capital, augments this sentiment, emphasizing not just survival, but also growth amidst economic turbulence, as a vital discussion point at the summit. “We’re not only offering a forum for dialogue but also presenting actionable insights that attendees can tangibly apply to benefit their businesses moving forward,” she added.

A Banner for Female Founders in Tech Across Africa

TLcom, through its TIDE Africa Fund II, continues to be a propellant force in Africa’s tech ecosystem, showcasing a leadership team that is 60% female and a staunch supporter of female-led startups such as Okra and Pula. In 2022, the firm magnified its commitment by partnering to bolster FirstCheck Africa‘s debut fund, addressing the notable funding chasm encountered by Africa’s female tech entrepreneurs.

With a staggering $350mn in managed commitments and a diverse portfolio that includes startups like Andela, Kobo360, and uLesson, TLcom underscores its investment acumen across a plethora of sectors like fintech, logistics, and education, targeting high-growth, tech-driven startups continent-wide.

Applications to partake in this pivotal summit are currently open, extending an invitation to founders and operators to be part of a community that doesn’t merely navigate the waves of the present but anticipates and shapes the currents of the future.


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