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Podcast: What to Expect at the Safaricom Decode 2.0 Engineering Summit

In this first episode of our series on Safaricom Decode 2.0, hosts Chenze Emmanuel and Nick Kanali sit down with Naisenya Mungai and George Njuguna from Safaricom to discuss the behind-the-scenes of the company’s engineering summits.

We explore why Safaricom has begun hosting these events, the impact of the first summit, Decode 1.0, and what’s on the horizon for Decode 2.0.

Join us as we delve into:

  1. The reasons and goals behind Safaricom’s engineering summits
  2. Reflections on the outcomes of Decode 1.0
  3. A look ahead at what to expect from Decode 2.0, involving both the creative and engineering sectors
  4. Future plans to take the summit to the international stage

Listen in for a candid conversation (also available on all Podcast platforms including Spotify) about what it takes to organise a tech summit and where Safaricom is headed with these initiatives.

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